Cosplayer overlooks CaperCon
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Please note that the schedule is subject to change from now and throughout the con. Main events such as the costume contest or garage sale are unlikely to change, check back often to plan our your CaperCon 2024 experience!



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No Schedule

# Topic Speaker TimeHall
1 Garage Sale11:00 - 13:00Panel Room Unicorn
2 Blackout Poetry Workshop - SF/F EditionPrivate: Sherry D. Ramsey12:00 - 13:00Panel Room Dino
3 OK, you have a "Comic Gig" now What?Private: Hal Hilden, , Private: Andrew Clark12:15 - 13:15Panel Room Moon
4 Extremely haunted/ alarming collectable/ cats that can be found/ collected with a google search +18Private: Vaughn MacDonald12:30 - 13:30Panel Room Serpent
5 Katie Griffin & Linda Ballantyne Photo Op, 13:00 - 14:30Guest area
6 Maritime Con ArtistsPrivate: April M Baird13:15 - 14:15Panel Room Moon
7 Stunt Life13:15 - 14:15Main Events
8 Guiding steps to help grow with streaming13:30 - 14:30Panel Room Dino
9 Ao3: Why Your Fic Isn't 'Trending13:45 - 14:45Panel Room Serpent
10 LARP DemoPrivate: Tempest Grove LARP14:00 - 15:30Demo Arena
11 Self-Publishing: a guide to the Indie Scene14:15 - 15:15Main Events
12 Tales From The GrovePrivate: Tempest Grove LARP14:45 - 15:45Panel Room Serpent
13 Disney KaraokePrivate: Jacqueline (JackieNoona)14:45 - 15:45Panel Room Moon
14 Jon Ambrose Photo Ops15:00 - 16:00Guest Area
15 Closing CeremoniesPrivate: CaperCon Staff16:30 - 18:00Main Events

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