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In 2017 we registered as a nonprofit organization and became the CaperCon Pop Culture Society. This represented an exciting shift for CaperCon as we moved away from a committee of volunteers running an event for Cape Breton University to becoming a non-profit organization, governed by a board of community stakeholders and leading a committee of passionate volunteers, dedicated to sustaining and growing the biggest fan convention on Cape Breton Island.

Goals & Objectives

We’re very proud of our goals and objectives. They help illustrate all the various ways CaperCon will play a pivotal role in growing our community, as well as the arts & culture community and local entrepreneurship.

Grow CaperCon’s attendance annually until 5000 people attend.

This represents the maximum capacity for our venue. While we know it’ll take a few years to get there we’re confident this is achievable. We’re certain we can sell 5000 passes over the course of a weekend long event in our amazing downtown core.

Help develop the geek, fan and pop culture community in Cape Breton to see a 20% increase in associated businesses over the next 5 years.

New local entrepreneurs and continued growth of established businesses in the geek space means more opportunities for our community. It means more possibilities for vendors & artists for CaperCon. It means more exciting events for community members to attend. It means great exposure to the community at large for the things we know and love.

The first step towards achieving this goal is to create a business directory for local vendors, artists and other businesses. There are more than most people realize and we can’t wait to shine a light on them. We’ll be rolling out this initiative in the near future! We’ll also be working to grow The CaperCon Community.

Execute 10 events aimed at growing community awareness and involvement with geek and pop culture in Cape Breton over the next 3 years, with a focus on schools and youth.

CaperCon shouldn’t be just about one big event every year, it should be about ongoing events throughout the year!

Play an increasing role in ensuring that people stay in Cape Breton by creating an inclusive environment, promoting geek culture, and creating a safe space for self expression.

We love our region and we want to help improve things. CaperCon is dedicated to reducing bullying by fostering inclusivity, especially for youth, by providing them with events and a culture.

Stay tuned.