CaperCon Guidelines

CaperCon is committed to providing a safe, respectful and enjoyable convention experience for all. Please take a moment to review our convention policies to minimize the potential for violations. By purchasing your CaperCon pass, you agree to abide by the terms below.

General Policy and Rules of Conduct

  • Children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times, and said adult must be present at the time of registration.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the convention site and must be conducted off premises or at a designated location.
  • Alcohol and other substance use are not permitted at all in or around the convention area (public places), unless otherwise stated. Attendees suspected of violating this policy will be asked to leave the convention site at the discretion of security.

We encourage a family-friendly environment. Please refrain from swearing on-site.

CaperCon and its partners are not responsible for lost or stolen property. Please do not leave your valuables unattended. A lost and found station will be at the Data Desk location. Please drop off all found belongings/badges to a staff member.

Be respectful of all staff, partners, volunteers, attendees, security, the venue and its surrounding grounds. Disruptive or rude behavior will not be tolerated.

Certain events are in higher demand, and as such may be subjected to an attendance cap. Please follow staff direction and line up in an orderly fashion, and keep conduct professional (no line cutting or spot-holding). Staff will do their absolute best to accommodate as many attendees as possible. You may have to line up early to ensure participation or viewing. Attendees may be turned away if and when the capacity cap is met. If/when a cap is met, be respectful to staff and follow their instructions as crowding is a fire hazard and their primary goal is the safety of everyone at the convention. 

Photography and filming is welcome on the premises, unless a panel or event specifies otherwise. All photography and filming done while on-site is to be used for personal and non-profit use only. Remember to be courteous and ask attendees, guests or anyone else for permission before capturing their image and/or using it for personal projects. If they do not consent, do not capture their image. Attempts to take inappropriate photos or videos will not be tolerated. Refer to the Harassment Policy for more information.

Harassment and Violence will not be tolerated at CaperCon. Failure to comply may result in your immediate removal from the site by security and a permanent ban from future CaperCon events. Review the Harassment Policy for more information.

Costumes must remain appropriate and family-friendly with no perceived risk of exposure or offensive content. Review the Costume Policy for more information.

Weapons and costume props admittance is at the strict discretion of security. Review the Weapons Policy for more information.

Registration Policy

Pre-registration payment is non-refundable. Registration and/or bracelets may NOT be resold.

You must present a valid photo ID of yourself in order to pick up your convention pass/bracelet.

(Driver’s licence, Nova Scotia ID, passport, or school ID are all acceptable. Date of birth must be present on the ID.)

Accepting your attendance to CaperCon (purchasing a pass) means you have read and agreed to abide by CaperCon’s Rules of Conduct and Safety Policies.

Adult passes are for ages 13 year and up. We ask that teenagers be aware of the rules and policies of the convention and the venue. We ask them to have parent/guardian contact information on them in case they would need to be notified of anything.

If any rules/policies are broken, an attendee can be removed from the convention, and in extreme cases banned from further attendance from CaperCon. Refunds will not be issued.

Bracelets must be worn and visible at all times as they identify you as part of the convention. Lost bracelets must be reported to registration staff immediately. Lost bracelets will not be refunded.

Bracelets being shared, copied, or forged will NOT be tolerated. This includes the use of fake identification. Convention privileges will be revoked without refund and you will be removed from the convention by security.

CaperCon reserves the right to remove convention privileges from attendees who do not comply with the rules of conduct and safety policies. NO REFUNDS will be given in this event.

Due to professional obligations, guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation. Refunds cannot be issued in the event of a guest cancellation. Please refer to our website and official Facebook for the most current news in regards to guest scheduling.

Costume Policy

All reasonable measures are to be taken to ensure that no inappropriate body parts may become visible while at the convention.Tights or pantyhose are to be worn under any bottoms that may create the risk of exposure or have less coverage than standard underwear briefs.

Men (and applicable individuals) who plan on wearing tight/form fitting bottoms, need to wear a dance belt (or other garment that performs the same function of covering the crotch from exposure).

Bikini or bra style tops must provide adequate coverage and ensure there is no perceived risk of exposure. Fashion tape is highly recommended.

CaperCon staff reserves the right to ask individuals to cover up at the convention’s discretion. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact staff prior to making costume plans. It would be unfortunate to put forth all your efforts into a costume, only to have it deemed unfit for convention use.

If your costume restricts your vision or is excessively large or bulky then you MUST have a handler with you at all time (a person who is not restricted in vision or movement to guide you through crowds and doorways). We have narrow passages that are often crowded with attendees and their safety is paramount. Please consider this while designing your costume. 

Offensive clothing is not acceptable. You will be asked to cover up or remove offensive clothing and/or accessories or you will be removed from the convention until you change. Repeat offences may result in your convention privileges revoked with no refund.

Please refer to the Weapons Policy listed below for information regarding costume accessories. 

Weapons Policy

All props or weapons must follow the weapons policy. Security reserves the right to confiscate weapons or props at their discretion. 

All weapons and props that enter the convention site MUST be approved by security staff and peace bonded. Peace bonds are a tag that indicates your weapon/prop was inspected and is convention safe. Tags MUST remain on your weapon/prop for the duration of the convention.

Any and all variations of horseplay with props and weapons will NOT be tolerated on the convention site (this includes mock-fights outside of those sanctioned within the demonstration area in the gaming section). Some weapons or props may be required to be securely fastened to the owner so that attendees and staff will not be at risk to be hit or come in physical contact with the prop or weapon. Please ask staff for more information if unsure.

Weapons are not to be drawn or wielded in large or crowded public areas. Offenders will have their weapon/prop confiscated by security.

Acts of extreme negligence or public endangerment may result in criminal prosecution beyond the control of CaperCon. Non-attendees may act in the extreme or call authorities if they feel unsafe/threatened. The public may be unaware of the convention’s presence in the community and view your weapon/prop as a threat. Please exercise caution when travelling between the convention, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Security decisions are final and non-negotiable.

The following weapons are RESTRICTED from the convention. There will be:

  • NO live ammunition firearms, even if there is no ammunition loaded or the firing pins have been removed. Authorities will be contacted immediately upon discovery and no warnings or second chances will be issued.
  • NO functional replica guns that have the capacity to hold a charge. These include, but are not limited to: pellet guns, BB guns, airsoft guns, paintball guns, cap guns, etc. Functional replicas will be confiscated for the duration of the convention.
  • NO mace, pepper spray, or tasers.
  • NO concealed weapons. These include, but are not limited to: knives, switchblades, brass knuckles, etc. Upon discovery of a concealed weapon, authorities will be contacted and the offender will be removed from the venue.
  • NO projectiles. These include, but are not limited to: long slash recurve bows, crossbows, slingshots, blow guns, boomerangs, etc. Even if rendered inoperable by removing the string, or not bringing arrows/bolts, these weapons are not allowed. Projectiles will be confiscated for the duration of the convention.
  • NO nuisances. These include but are not limited to: water balloons, filled water guns, silly string, etc.
  • NO chemicals or fire hazards. These included but not limited to: fireworks, firecrackers, caps, sparklers, smoke powder, etc.
  • NO metal blades, regardless of sharpness. These include but are not limited to: knives, kunai, swords/katanas, sword cane, axes, daggers, hatchets, etc.
  • Or ANY other weapons prohibited by Canadian law.

The following weapons are PERMITTED but at the discretion of security. They may be denied entry or confiscated if deemed unsafe.

  • Martial arts weapons are at the strict discretion of security. These include but are not limited to: nunchucks, tonfas, batons, etc. Remember: if it’s metal-bladed it is still restricted.
  • Blunt weapons are allowed provided misconduct is not foreseeable. These include but are not limited to: staffs, sticks, clubs, canes, etc.
  • Hard props are allowed. These materials include but are not limited to: wood, glass, fibreglass, etc. Edges are required to be blunt and sanded smooth.
  • Large/heavy props are allowed provided there is no foreseeable risk to attendees. Attendees may be requested to demonstrate its expected use to deem appropriateness. It may only be allowed out for costume contest purposes. Having a handler (another adult to help you navigate crowds and doorways) is recommended.
  • Home-made replica guns are permitted provided they are constructed with allowable materials. Realistic props that are easily confused for functional guns, must have the barrel tips painted or taped with a bright colour. This colouring is not to be removed while on convention grounds. Please contact convention staff if you are unsure if your gun replica falls within these guidelines.

We encourage prop makers to construct their props and weapon replicas with convention-friendly materials such as: foam, worbla, resin, paper mache, cardboard, plastic, etc.

Any items purchased at the convention, once removed from their sealed package, are subject to the weapons policy and will need to be peace-bonded. If they are a restricted item (metal-bladed katanas being one common example), do NOT open its seal until you are off convention grounds.

Please contact the staff if you require further clarification on the weapons policy and if it applies to your prop/weapon.

Harassment Policy

A bullying- and harassment-free experience for our attendees and staff is our top priority. CaperCon enforces a zero tolerance policy on this subject. Failure to comply will result in a warning and may/will result in your immediate removal from the site by security and a possible permanent ban from future CaperCon events.

There is ZERO tolerance for violence. This includes but is not limited to: fighting, hitting, grabbing, spitting, threats/death threats, and/or comments that would cause a person to become concerned for their health and well-being. You will be removed from the venue and authorities will be contacted.

Deliberate intimidation will NOT be tolerated.

Offensive and negative comments based on race, religion, beliefs, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, disability, body size, and physical appearance will NOT be tolerated. This is a form of hate speech and your convention privileges can be revoked.

Stalking or following an attendee or guest is NOT acceptable. Warnings will be issued and possible removal from the convention grounds at the discretion of security.

Sexual harassment will NOT be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: lewd and demeaning comments or imagery, repeatedly asking for personal information, inappropriate physical contact, sexualized activities and/or other materials. Warnings will be issued and security reserves the right to dismiss anyone failing to abide by this policy from the convention with no refunds. Products/advertisements sold/displayed by vendors will be held to the same standards.

Photography: Ask permission before taking photos with or of other people. It is inappropriate to take high or low angle shots, or touch another individual without consent. Requesting photos of a sexual nature is highly inappropriate and will NOT be tolerated by security.

If permission is not granted, do not persist in this matter. This is a form of intimidation and harassment.

Permission can be revoked at any time if the individual(s) pictured no longer feel(s) comfortable with the photo/film or its methods. It would be courteous and expected to delete the photos in question.

Staff will be more than happy to assist those experiencing harassment. Please don’t be shy. We value your safety, participation and attendance.

Please report any misconduct you witness to staff or security.

Exhibitor Policies

Exhibitor Information Package
Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming one of our exhibitors at CaperCon. Below is all
the information needed to start the process to exhibiting your goods and services at our convention. If
you still have questions after reading the info package, contact information is provided below.
Please read the entire package carefully.

Exhibitor Set Up/Tear Down
CaperCon we will be combining vendors and artists so that they are all under the title of exhibitors.
There will be several options this year for the exhibitor area; Half tables, Full tables, and Booths.
Due to crowding issues there is a limit to how many people can be behind the tables at any given time.
Half tables – no more than 1 persons.
Full tables – no more than 2 persons.
Booths – no more than 3 persons.

Please respect the restrictions put in place for your safety and for the safety of others.
CaperCon will be opening for exhibitor setup in the arena at Centre 200 at 10am – 3pm on Friday.
Please specify in advance if you would like any assistance and we will try to make it available to you.
You will have 2 hours before opening each day to set up your station. All booths must be ready by
opening each day. Sellers should not be performing major set up tasks during convention hours.
Overnight security is available, merchandise should be covered with a tarp or sheet at the end of the
day. Anything lost or stolen is in no way under CaperCon or Centre 200 liability.
(Volunteers may be available to assist with set up/tear down if needed.)


CaperCon will use the email address you provide during registration for all communication. If we do
not hear a response from important email, we will try to contact you by telephone. It is the exhibitors’
responsibility to respond to emails if required. Please ensure you provide an active and up to date
email. If you have any question(s) that was or were not answered in this policy, you may email us
directly at [email protected].

A deposit of 25% is required after approval it is due within ten (10) days of application approval date.
Fees are to be paid online through PayPal.
Remainder of payment must be paid before the convention starts.
Any exhibitor who has not completed payment may be removed and replaced with a wait list

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel prior to March 31st, you will be eligible to receive a fifty percent (50%) refund on your
payment excluding the 25% Deposit.
After May 1st, no payments will be refunded.
Should the convention be cancelled for reasons beyond our control, including but not limited to: war,
fire, strike, government regulation, public catastrophe, anything considered to be an Act of God or the
public enemy; you will be refunded in full.
At no time will the refund exceed the amount paid.
First consideration for refunds will be the for the same as the method of original payment; however,
CaperCon reserves the right to use an alternate method of payment if circumstances warrant.

Location & Floor Plan
The final floor plan/ layout will be made public by being released on the website.
CaperCon reserves the right to revise the floor plan and/or move the exhibitor as required. Should the
exhibitor fail to observe the rules (see Rules for Exhibiting), CaperCon reserves the right to remove
the exhibitor without refunding any fees.

Photography / Videography

CaperCon reserves the right to have photographs and videos taken at the convention at any given
time. Please read the following terms carefully.
By reading and accepting this, I hereby give CaperCon and its affiliates permission to use any
photography or video of myself in promotional material. I understand that I will not be receiving
monetary compensation for any material that is used.


  • Exhibitors understand that neither CaperCon, Centre 200, nor any staff of any aforementioned entity
    will be held liable for loss of equipment, merchandise, revenues or any other direct or indirect
    damages, however caused. All exhibitors are responsible for their own property.
  • Capercon does not allow selling of illegal and bootleg/unlicensed/counterfeit/unauthorised reproductions and/or merchandise. If caught selling during the event, the exhibitor and their wares will be removed from the event without compensation and banned from future events.
  • Capercon does not allow selling of A.I. generated images, stolen artwork, and trademark/copyrighted logos. If caught selling during the event, the exhibitor and their wares will be removed from the event without compensation and banned from future events.
  • CaperCon is a family friendly convention. If offensive material is found, CaperCon reserves the right
    to ask the exhibitor to remove it from display.
  • No exhibitor’s display shall inhibit other exhibitor’s display. The display should NOT exceed over 8 ft from ground up or NOT above 5ft from the table up. This is a safety issue and we hope that you will comply.
  • Your table displays should be stable for the safety of exhibitors and the con attendees, if a display
    looks unsafe a staff member will inspect it and may instruct you to move it.
  • CaperCon prohibits the sale of live weapons. This includes but is not limited to: fire arms, swords,
    arrows, knives, etc. These items may be used for display only but must comply with federal
  • Please be aware that due to fire regulations there is to be NO exhibiting of goods from the floor or
    under tables. No exits may be blocked. CaperCon reserves the right to request the removal of such
    obstructing items.
  • Banners or advertisements displayed cannot exceed the allowed width, height or depth of your
    permitted space.
  • We ask that you do not dismantle your display until the exhibitor floor hours are over for the
    day/weekend, unless in the case of an emergency.
  • Exhibitors must maintain their space free of debris or materials that may be unsightly. (ie. packing
    supplies, garbage etc.)
  • All exhibitors must wear their identification at all times while on-site.
  • Should any of the material for sale be deemed as unauthorized reproductions (counterfeit) or illegal for sale,or NSFW the exhibitor and their wares may be removed from the site without compensation.

Security & First Aid
Uniformed and undercover security will be present on-site during the convention hours and off-hours; however, CaperCon is not responsible for property loss or damage. (see Disclaimer)
The exhibit area is to be secured by locking doors during non-convention hours with overnight
security. Re-entry to attendees and exhibitors will not be permitted.
First Aid volunteers will be available on-site to respond to any medical needs.

Code of Conduct

  • Violence/Profanity will not be tolerated. Any complaints received may result in the vendor expulsion
    from the convention, without invitation to return or without reimbursement of monies paid.
  • Nudity is not permitted.
  • Your identification must remain visible at all times.
  • Exhibitors in costume must comply with CaperCon weapon policies, costume policies and security personnel. CaperCon will request the removal of any part that violates those policies for the safety of the attendees.

Other Rules

  • Exhibitors shall observe and obey all Canadian laws, the by-laws of the City of Sydney, Nova Scotia,
    and the Venue. Should an exhibitor be found to be in violation of these laws — prior to the convention
    or during – this may result in the exhibitor’s expulsion from the convention without reimbursement of
    monies paid.
  • Exhibitors and their staff shall not defame, slander or otherwise harm the integrity of the convention
    and Centre 200 through spoken, physical, electronic, written or any other means, at any time. Should
    a vendor be found to be in violation – this will result in the exhibitor’s expulsion from the convention
    without reimbursement of monies paid.
  • Exhibitors will not sublet or apportion their “space” without the written consent of CaperCon.
    Any other persons representing your party may be required to purchase a day or weekend
    pass to cover their attendance.
  • No flammable materials shall be used in the display of your booth.
  • All promotional activities will be limited to your space; CaperCon must be informed of activities
    beyond traditional sales of merchandise and other items.
  • The venue does not permit the sale of food or drink items, unless the item can be deemed as a specialty item that is not readily available.

This policy is subject to change.

Should you have any questions, please make sure to reach out to CaperCon’s exhibitor
relations team at exhibitors@capercon.

Costume Contest Guidelines

Please be sure to read all guidelines to ensure that your costume is appropriate and ready for the costume contest!

Please be sure to read all guidelines to ensure that your costume is appropriate and ready for the costume contest!

General Guidelines

The Costume Contest Team reserves the right to eliminate anyone from competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience/other contestants or for any other reason deemed sufficient.

All children 12 years of age or under who wish to enter the Workmanship Competition must enter the Junior Category.

Purchased costumes may only be shown in the Stage Competition category. (See Stage Competition category for details)

No nudity. This is a family friendly event and uncovered genitalia is just as unacceptable during the costume contest as it is at any other time and will result in removal from the convention.

Non-humans will NOT be allowed backstage or onstage. If your costume requires a less human companion (dog, cat, snake, mouse, bird, etc), they must be stuffed or simulated. Exceptions will only be made for non-humans required for assistance by the contestant such as guide/service dogs.

Capercon forbids the use of peanut butter as an element of a costume or its design.
If your costume has placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a Workmanship category (Novice, Journeyman, Artisan, Master) at Capercon or a Capercon event no part of that winning costume can be reused or repurposed in future competition at Capercon or a Capercon event in any capacity.

We will not be allowing the use of a microphone.

We may be unable to accept sound files.

Weapons Policy

Weapons that are deemed unfit for Capercon, if required for the costume contest, must be kept with security at all times before and after you are on stage. Weapon confiscation at any time during Capercon revokes your ability to use it in the costume contest (refer to weapons policy for details). This does not apply to live firearms or any weapon with projectiles which will NEVER be permitted. Further details about our policies can be found in the CaperCon Policies above.

Stage Competition Overview

Any Capercon attendee who wishes to can enter the Stage competition! There are no restrictions other than what is permitted at Capercon. For an outline of what those rules are please visit our Policies page.

If your costume is a commission (someone else has made it) it can be entered into the stage competition BUT you must give credit to the person who made the costume at time of registration.

Given our time constraints you must inform the Costume Contest Staff if you intend to do anything other than walk on and off the stage by telling us when you register for the competition. Anything done on stage that is not previously approved by Costume Contest Staff will result in disqualification from competition. No alterations to your requests will be permitted after you have registered.

Music: We may be unable to accept sound files.

Workmanship Competition Overview

When you register for any category in the Workmanship Competition you will be given a time slot to be judged at. Report to the location indicated by costume contest staff,meet the judge and do a one-on-one with them about your costume. All Workmanship Competition judging takes place on the day of the Costume Contest. Once your judging is complete you are free to go until it is time to line up for the Stage Competition.

All Workmanship Competition Contestants must also enter the Stage Competition or they will be disqualified from prizing. If you do not care about prizing do not enter the competition, people who do care deserve the chance to place.

Reference photos (pictures of the character your cosplaying) are required at time of registration. They can be digital or physical.
Fraudulent information provided to staff, or judges will result in immediate removal from competition. You may still be permitted stage time but will not be eligible for a prize or honourable mention.

Purchased costumes may not be entered into the Workmanship Competition. They can only be entered in the Stage Competition.
Below is an outline of what counts as purchased: (we reserve the right to update this as the needed)
Mass produced costumes you find in stores, or bought online.

Less than 80% of your costume was made or drastically altered by you.

Costumes made for business purposes (theatrical and professional) or commissioned costumes (made for you by someone else).

Your costume is composed of a compilation of various store finds which have not been sufficiently altered.

Workmanship Competition Categories

The Director and/or the judges reserve the right to promote or demote your category selection to one more fitting of your obvious skill level without consultation.

If you hold Workmanship (or similar) awards for costuming from any other recognized event you cannot enter a category below that level. If you place (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in the same category in the Capercon Costume Contest three times you are promoted to the next category level and unable to enter lower.

  • All children 12 years of age or under must enter the Junior Category.
  • All professionals must enter the Masters category.
  • Professionals are an individual or individuals who earn 50% or more of their living by costuming.
  • Purchased costumes can only be entered in the Stage Competition.
  • All Workmanship Competition Contestants must also enter the Stage Competition or they will be disqualified from prizing.


Any contestant 12 years of age or under at the time of this competition will compete as a junior. The Junior Division of our Workmanship Competition is divided into two subdivisions.

  • Junior Self-made: A junior contestant who has largely or wholly constructed their own costume.
  • Junior Adult-Made: A junior contestant whose costume has been largely or wholly constructed by an adult.

Novice* (*qualifications have changed):

  • Must be 13 years of age or older.
  • Have no awards for costuming from Hal-Con or other convention/event above Novice.
  • Is the only category under which clothes that were purchased can be used as long as they have been altered in a major way. At least 80% of the purchased item(s) must be altered -Diagram- (coming soon)
  • If your costume is a commission (someone else has made it) it cannot be entered here.


  • Must be 13 years of age or older.
  • Can but is not required to have awards in costuming of an equal or lower level.
  • Displays an average knowledge of craftsmanship.
  • If your costume is a commission (someone else has made it) it cannot be entered here.


  • Must be 13 years of age or older.
  • Can but is not required to have awards in costuming of an equal or lower level.
  • Displays an above average knowledge of craftsmanship.
  • If your costume is a commission (someone else has made it) it cannot be entered here.


  • Must be 13 years of age or older.
  • Can but is not required to hold awards in one or all categories.
  • Displays a professional level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and performance.
  • All industry professionals must enter this category. (See definition of “Professionals” above.)
  • If your costume is a commission (someone else has made it) it cannot be entered here.

Note: If you win a workmanship competition award in a category you will no longer be permitted to enter a lower category at Capercon. (example: You placed in Journeyman so cannot enter Novice ever again)


This section is an explanation of how the awards are broken up. It has nothing to do with the application process and is informational only. Also, it is subject to change without notice BUT be assured changes will not take place once registration has begun.

Some awards are being sponsored by interested fan groups and Capercon Sponsors as well as local groups and businesses.

Stage Awards

Most Stage Awards are created by the judges during the contest to highlight achievement in excellence. The categories they come up with are varied and may not be awarded year after year but there are a few which we strongly suggest to them as long as the minimum number of entries is met.

They are as follows; Group, Skit and/or Presentation, Video Game, Duo, Original Concept, and Major Props. The judges also each get to pick a personal favourite based on whatever qualifications they deem fit.

Some examples of awards which have been created in the past are; Look a like, Rockin Retro, Most Accurate, Crowd Pleaser, From a Novel, From a Cartoon, Genderbend, From TV, Horror, Mashup and Tamer of the Tendrils. There is no guarantee any of these will be awarded again, they are listed here only as examples to highlight how varied the stage awards can be.

Workmanship Competition

All workmanship prizes are awarded at the ending ceremonies on Sunday with stage awards.

Note: If you are unable to attend the ending ceremonies for any reason all reasonable efforts will be made to contact you and get your certificate, and/or prizes to you.

Best Of Show

This is awarded to the best performance and display of craftsmanship to an individual or group. Best of show is the highest award given and if won is the only award won that year by those to whom it is awarded. The costume(s) (but not the participants) awarded this level of prestige are eliminated from competition at future Capercon events. Best of show draws from all participants in the competition and is not exclusive to workmanship contest contestants or any particular category.

Panelist Policies

Please be sure to read all guidelines to ensure that your costume is appropriate and ready for the costume contest!

What is a panelist? A panelist is a person passionate enough about a subject that they want to share it with the world! No previous panel experience required!

Any con-goer can run a panel! This means you still have to have a ticket for the day you’re running your panel.

What can I do for my Panel?

We encourage you to get creative but keep your panels accessible and suitable for the con. Your topic can be obscure or super well know, as long as you’re keeping it geeky and in the spirit of CaperCon we’d love to have you!

We do permit 18+ panels but remember that we’re a family friendly convention! Due to space, size, and time can only a select small number of 18+ panels. If your panel is 18+ we still ask that you keep your content respectful and inclusive.
Some past panel themes include:

  • Cosplay 101
  • LARP Demos
  • Bad Fan Fiction (PG) & Bad Fan
  • Fiction (18+)
  • Vaughn Yells at Things
  • Sketchbook Socials
  • Writing your own Sci-fi
  • Local Lore


What does each panel room come with?

All panel rooms will have a projector available, speakers and an adjustable space. Though microphones may be provided in some rooms, others will not have them. Our rooms vary in size greatly and they will be assigned according to the type of panel you’re running! If adjustments need to be made to tech or space you can let us know. If you need any assistance with the technology in the room you can find a volunteer to assist you!

Once your panel is approved you’ll receive an email. You can email [email protected] anytime with any questions. Please allow a few days between emailing to receive a response. You can also contact us directly through our Facebook page CaperCon.

Panel Specific Rules and Policies – CaperCon’s policies still apply

(General Policies)

  • 18+ panels are permitted with ID checks at the door by a CaperCon volunteer.
  • If you choose to run an 18+ panel please keep in mind that we’re still a family con and to be mindful. Judgement, sexism, harassment, discrimination, or any inappropriate or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. These behaviours directed towards another panelist, volunteer, or con-goer will be taken very seriously.
  • You are responsible for all that is said and shown during your panel.
  • Panels can not go over their designated length as was specified in the application form.
  • CaperCon reserves the right to cancel, close, or end a panel if they deem it to be inappropriate or policy breaking.
  • The schedule will be emailed out to panelists at least one or two weeks before it is released to the public. You are NOT permitted to share the working schedule with anyone, it is for you alone to confirm that the days and times are correct.
  • If you need to cancel your panel PLEASE to let us know as soon as you know. There is a wait list of people that would love a spot.

Thank you for you participation in CaperCon!

Volunteer Policies

Volunteering for CaperCon is lots of fun, super rewarding, but… it’s also a lot of work! Volunteering gives you a chance to experience con in a whole new way while still giving you time to enjoy the panels and events you want! Plus, volunteering can help you earn a free weekend pass!

Here are the rules:

– Must be 16+ to volunteer.

You Must work a minimum of 12 hours to qualify for your weekend pass.

– ID’s must be brought with you.

– Your badge must be visible at all times regardless of cosplay or outfit. You will pick up your badge in the volunteer room.

– In the scenario there is an armband or other defining article for volunteers, this must also be fully visible and be worn where your volunteer head tells you.

– Your volunteer room is located on the bottom half of C200. A staff member will show you.  (If you have a problem finding the room ask a staff member and have them call for the volunteer coordinator)

– Arrive early! 2:30pm Friday, 9:30am Saturday and 9:30am Sunday.

– The volunteer room will have your schedule posted on the wall. Write down your shifts so you know when you’re scheduled. If you cannot do your shift, find a volunteer to trade with and then notify Sara. There will be pens and paper for you to write down your shifts in the room.

–  Fill out your name, the position (floor, panel, etc.) and the start and end time of your shift. Include your total  number of hours from the weekend thus far.

– Your Volunteer room is not locked but people (C200 staff, con staff, volunteers) will be passing through and monitoring the rooms at all times. No one should be lingering around this area. If you’re not in your volunteer room, you should be on the con floor or have left the building.

– Your Volunteer room is your safe place, use it as you need to. If you are covering an important area and need to leave for any reason just let another volunteer or staff member know you must leave. We understand that conventions can be a lot to handle and we want you to feel comfortable and safe!

– If you are not on the schedule that means you are “a walker”. You will sign in and report to the volunteer coordinator who will then direct you where to go. Chances are you’ll be needed.

You MUST work a minimum of 12 hours during the convention to get a free badge.

– PLEASE DO NOT PRE-PAY FOR A WEEKEND PASS IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO VOLUNTEER FOR CAPER-CON. Do not purchase a weekend pass through the website or C200. Full details for this process will be provided once your application has been approved.

– If you have applied to volunteer, a full 12 hours of volunteer time (this time must be documented and verified by a staff member) will cover the time and cost of a weekend pass.

– If you have purchased a weekend pass before applying, you will be reimbursed in full for the purchase price of the weekend pass. As above, a documented and verified set of 12 volunteer work hours are necessary in order for a refund to be approved. If this is not done, a refund will not be issued.

– Refunds will be done through e-transfer, and all qualifying volunteers will be reimbursed within 5 business days of the end of the convention.

– If a staff member feels as if you are not working as a volunteer, you will not be reimbursed for your ticket when the convention ends.

– If you’re assisting with panels, shows, or gaming, they will count as a portion of your volunteer hours. You will still have to count them on the sign in sheet!

– In the unlikely scenario of evacuation you’ll be briefed on fire exits and how to respond to certain situations during the meetings, you need to know these. We’ll hopefully have a map for you posted in your room when you arrive.

We Have a Zero Tolerance Policy

– There is NO judgement, harassment, inappropriate behaviour, or discriminatory comments to be made by anyone for any reason. Negativity directed towards another volunteer or con-goer will remove you from the Convention immediately and could lead to a permanent ban.

– There will be no foul language of any kind from the volunteers on the floor, we’re a family convention.

– As it stands all washrooms are gender-neutral.

– If someone comes to you and you’re unsure of how to assist them, call a staff member. Information about how to contact staff will be established with the volunteer coordinator and you will be discussed at the meetings.


There will be TWO MEETINGS held in person at C200 with the volunteer Coordinator Anda. This meeting is mandatory for volunteers and will consist of a walkthrough of C200, a current schedule of events, and job descriptions.


But, you MUST attend at least one meeting or you will not be considered for volunteering unless you tell Anda in advance that you can’t make it and are willing to schedule another time.

The meeting dates and times are:

*** TBD 

You will also be emailed the dates prior to the meeting.

We will meet at the back of the Center 200 building. Look for the person wearing a CaperCon staff shirt.

The reasons for these meetings are to discuss emergency procedures such as fire exits and bathrooms. As well as to show all volunteers the locations of panels, staff rooms, etc. At the final meeting we will look at the rough draft of the schedule and get all volunteers organized and ready for the con and free you up for whichever event you wish to enjoy as an attendee rather than a volunteer.

Once shown the tentative schedule, there is a limited time set when the volunteer coordinator can make changes to suit volunteers. You will be notified of this date at the appropriate time.

Please be aware that CaperCon reserves the right to rescind an approved application both before and during the convention. Failing to meet any of the requirements above will result in a rescinded application approval and will require payment of an appropriate day pass or weekend pass based on individual attendance. 

*** I know this seems like a lot to take in but this information is vitally important to the safety and function of the con. We have volunteers coming back year after year who can tell you that this is a fun and rewarding experience. We’d love to see you volunteering for us at CaperCon 2024!



Gaming Volunteer Policies

CaperCon is here for two main reasons:
To meet new people and to have new experiences.

And you can help!

Many of us have been drawn in by the lure of a new game, only to discover we have no one to share that experience with. Between the pandemic, jobs, school, and a thousand other things it’s often hard to get people together to play a boardgame or an RPG or a CCG or a video game or… or… and so we’d like you to dust off that game you’ve been waiting to fall in love with and bring it to our gaming floor to demonstrate to others.

We’ll have tables set up on the con floor and give you specific times where you can set up your game and hopefully lure in some new people to try it out.

And CaperCon Gaming isn’t just limited to tabletops, either.

In the past we’ve also had our local Live-Action RolePlay company, Underworld Cape Breton: Tempest Grove, give demonstrations, as well as tournaments from (Pokemon Group), displays from (Airsoft Group), arcade machines from Old School Games, gaming PCs from PVP, and AR demos from Soulvaria. We’re happy to accept all-comers so they can show off their fandoms to help grow our local nerd community.

So! What do you want to do?

Do you want to demonstrate a tabletop game? Do you want a booth to promote your nerdy local gaming company? Do you want to haul in your gear and put on some kind of tournament? Bring your gaming PC in to livestream during the convention? We’re open to all sorts of ideas here. We just want to spread the love of gaming and provide a place where all our niche communities can throw open their doors to new people.


On the whole we follow the same general policies as CaperCon itself, to be found at the top of this page.

Anyone who is setting up a booth in the gaming area for the weekend is expected to follow the same policies as our vendors.

Anyone who is doing a game demonstration is subject to the overall CaperCon policy as stated above as well as those listed in the demonstration section below.


  • We are first and foremost an all-ages convention. The con floor is open to every attendee so as such we expect a family-friendly vibe to be maintained by all volunteers. Anything that is commonly perceived to be “adult” language or topics would best be avoided. If it’s the sort of thing that would get a movie a rating of PG-13 or higher then we request you leave it at home. (We are open to the idea of a demonstration that is 18+ but that would require a private room. Access to those is limited and priority would be given to panels first, although if you make a compelling case as to why this would be an entertaining addition to our convention then we will certainly consider it and advocate for its inclusion.)
  • The above policy also covers any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, bullying or anything else that denigrates another person’s very existence.
  • This policy does not include protection for anyone expressing negative views covering the above. CaperCon reserves the right to extend this policy to cover anything we may have overlooked in this policy.
  • The point of these demonstrations is to give everyone a fun environment to playtest a game they’ve never tried before, or to pick up again a game they haven’t played in a while. The focus is on entertainment value. If someone at the convention is disrupting this atmosphere with their behaviour, you have the right to ask them to stop the behaviour in question. If they refuse or persist in disruption, then you can ask them to leave. At any point you can request a regular volunteer or member of staff to do the same.
  • This policy goes both ways. If we receive complaints that your behaviour at the convention is disrupting the enjoyment of others you may be asked to cease your demonstrations if you refuse to modify your behaviour.
  • Any conflicting complaints will be moderated by a member of staff. Their decision is final and answerable only to CaperCon’s board of governors.
  • Failure to respect these policies could result in disciplinary action up to and including ejection from the remainder of the convention, the potential for a longer ban, and/or a referral to local law enforcement depending on the severity of the transgression.

General (demonstrations):


You will be asked for a specific amount of time required for your demonstration(s). We will attempt to schedule flex time in between demonstrations but depending on the number of applications flex time may be limited. As such, everyone will be asked to finish their demonstrations no less than fifteen minutes before the next one is scheduled to give preparation time for the next demonstrator.

You will also be asked to show up fifteen minutes before your own demonstration to also give yourself some set-up time.

  • If you are late and someone else wants to put on a demonstration at that same time your slot might be given away so please do your best to arrive on time and with everything you need for your demonstration. If you are late for good reason and end up losing your listed slot we will do our best to reschedule you in another slot.
  • If there is a gap in the schedule, whether due to cancellation or some other reason, and you would like to put on a demonstration at that time, we will be happy to accommodate. There should always be a gaming volunteer available to make these arrangements. If not, you can check with the main vendor table. Depending on the notice given, we might not be able to promote outside of a message over Centre 200’s PA system but we will attempt to make an in-house announcement as well as some sort of notification of change on our social media.
  • Communication is important, as well, and we will attempt to have contact information available for you to get in touch with someone to let them know if there has been any delays or anything else that we should be aware of. You can also check in with a gaming volunteer to let them know you’re on-site. It is your responsibility to contact us. If you don’t arrive for your demonstration slot and we have not heard otherwise, we will assume you cancelled without telling us.


  • For tabletop demonstrations we will be providing you with a table and chairs. We may have some limited supplies available on-site but there is no guarantee of their availability. If your demonstration requires anything other than a table and chairs it is your responsibility to provide it.
  • We also have a demonstration area that is an open floor space that can be used for other sorts of demonstrations.

Garage Sale Guidelines

Rules: These can be changed from year-to-year at the discretion of the garage sale manager. 

-The Garage Sale will take place on Sunday of the convention 

-Setup starts at 9:30am

-Garage sale is open from 10:30am – 12:00pm

-Spots must be reserved online before the event 

-10$ a spot (3x4ft space on the floor) 

-One attendee per spot. 

-An attendee may purchase a maximum of two spots. If there is still space available after applications close, buying more than one spot is allowed (max of four). 

-The Garage Sale is for second hand goods only. Items that would normally be sold at an Artist Alley or Vendor table will not be allowed. This includes handmade art, crafts, and new products. 

-No 18+ material, weapons, illegal objects, or any other items against CaperCon’s regulations. 

-Applications will be live on social media and on the website before the convention until spots are full.

Thank you!