CaperCon's Annual Art Contest!

Brought to you  by Brycen Boland Art

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You’re talented, embrace it! We will be looking for theme, creativity, and uniqueness. Draw, sculpt, paint, make a mug or noodle art, Photoshop, photograph, write a song, do a skit, dance, or do something totally out there. I don’t care! Wow, how neat is that? Just keep it somewhat PG there, Deadpool. We are an all-ages convention.


Kraken Family Vacation!

In honor of our new May date and adorable new Kraken, Kara, we’d like to see how you would have Kiki, K.O.K.O, and Kara vacation! Will they relaxing be on a beach? Are they cruising into the artic? Are they soaring in a hot air balloon over Europe? The options are endless! We can’t wait to see what you create! 

For references to all our Krakens you can go to our info page here. 


We will have 3 different categories, best theme interpretation, most creative, and Con’s Choice! “Con’s Choice” is where Con-goers can vote for their favourite piece of art in the combined categories.

These pieces will be featured on our social media (Facebook/ Instagram) for you to check out! 

Prizes: A random pick of cool prizes donated by our amazing vendors and sponsors!

*** PLEASE NOTE: Winners will be announced and prizes will be given out at closing ceremonies. If you’re not in attendance for the closing ceremonies you can claim your prize by reaching out to Brycen either via the CaperCon Social Media pages or directly through the Volunteer email anytime at or before June 26th. After June 26th, prizes will be donated to local organizations. Thank you!


Email your submissions to [email protected]

Include your name, age, and a brief description of your art! 


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