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FanFiction Theatre is a community theatre group presenting fandom based entertainment.

A FanFiction Theatre Production

Thor’s Wedding
Adapted by Jonathan Lewis

Thor, the God of Thunder has fought for centuries protecting Asgard from any and all evil. However, after
his mighty hammer goes missing and he is made all but powerless. Thor must face his greatest challenge
yet to protect all he holds dear. Matrimony.


Kristian Doucette – Thor
Gina Hrachy – Loki
Raye Doue – Freyja
Josie Sobol – King Thrym, Heimdall, Villager
Heather Spares – Narrator, Stylist
Donnie Antle – Odin, Stylist, Giant, Villager
Kristen Woodford – Frigga, Stylist, Giant Priest, Villager
Kate Devoe – Mjolnir

Jule Ann Hardy – Director
Indee Anna Loughlin – Stage Manager


Disclaimer: The story and characters are based on Norse Mythology. Any Marvel copyright and/or other
pop culture references are parody.