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Volunteer with us!

CaperCon wouldn’t be the same without the help of an amazing and diverse team of volunteers. Do you want to be a part of the biggest fan convention in Cape Breton?


Don’t forget to read the corresponding Volunteer Policy:
Volunteer Policy


Volunteer Job Descriptions:

Floor – Walking on the floor with vendors and artists. You’ll spend the time answering questions for attendees, giving directions and assisting artists and vendors as so required.IE, bringing water and/or other items to their table ect.

This is a standing role.

Line Busting/ Id checking – Guest appearances have a start time and an end time. Some panels are +18 in nature. Your job is to make sure everything is moving along smoothly and ID’s are being checked when need be. +18 panels will be listed as such in your personal schedule and also the convention schedule if you’re unsure of when one is occurring, your job will be to stand at the entrance to the panel room and make sure anyone attending has an ID proving their age or has a parent present and they grant permission. Guest appearances will also be listed in your schedule as well as the con schedule. This year we’re trying something new and we’ll have guests on the floor with the vendors. This being the case, the lines need to be neat and going in a certain direction to prevent issues with the vendor traffic flow and also to prevent safety hazards in the extreme case of medical emergency or evacuation.

This is a standing and/or sitting role.

Registration – You’ll be the first people they see when they enter the con. You’ll be giving them their pre-purchased bracelets and making sure the lines are running smoothly. If a weapon looks dangerous you can also request to tag a weapon. This will allow you to check it and pass it for safety at the con. This role will mostly be given to security but you also have the right to check. If you feel it’s needed.

This is a sitting role.