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Panelist Policies 

What is a panelist? A panelist is a person passionate enough about a subject that they want to share it with the world! No previous panel experience required!

Any con-goer can run a panel! This means you still have to have a ticket for the day you’re running your panel. 

What can I do for my Panel?

We encourage you to get creative but keep your panels accessible and suitable for the con. Your topic can be obscure or super well know, as long as you’re keeping it geeky and in the spirit of CaperCon we’d love to have you! 

We do permit 18+ panels but remember that we’re a family friendly convention! Due to space, size, and time can only a select small number of 18+ panels. If your panel is 18+ we still ask that you keep your content respectful and inclusive.

Some past panel themes include:

  • Cosplay 101
  • LARP Demos
  • Bad Fan Fiction (PG) & Bad Fan Fiction (18+)
  • Vaughn Yells at Things
  • Sketchbook Socials 
  • Writing your own Sci-fi
  • Local Lore

What does each panel room come with?

All panel rooms will have a projector available, speakers and an adjustable space. Though microphones may be provided in some rooms, others will not have them. Our rooms vary in size greatly and they will be assigned according to the type of panel you’re running! If adjustments need to be made to tech or space you can let us know. If you need any assistance with the technology in the room you can find a volunteer to assist you! 

Once your panel is approved you’ll receive an email. You can email [email protected] anytime with any questions. Please allow a few days between emailing to receive a response. You can also contact us directly through our Facebook page CaperCon.

Panel Specific Rules and Policies – CaperCon’s policies still apply (General Policies)

  • 18+ panels are permitted with ID checks at the door by a CaperCon volunteer. 
  • If you choose to run an 18+ panel please keep in mind that we’re still a family con and to be mindful.  Judgement, sexism, harassment, discrimination, or any inappropriate or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. These behaviours directed towards another panelist, volunteer, or con-goer will be taken very seriously. 
  • You are responsible for all that is said and shown during your panel. 
  • Panels can not go over their designated length as was specified in the application form.
  • CaperCon reserves the right to cancel, close, or end a panel if they deem it to be inappropriate or policy breaking.
  • The schedule will be emailed out to panelists at least one or two weeks before it is released to the public. You are NOT permitted to share the working schedule with anyone, it is for you alone to confirm that the days and times are correct.
  • If you need to cancel your panel PLEASE to let us know as soon as you know. There is a wait list of people that would love a spot.

Thank you for you participation in CaperCon!