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Who? Jordan Bonaparte

What? History Of The Nighttime Podcast

Tell Me More! Join Jordan as he takes you though the history of the “Nighttime Podcast.” This informational panel will cover how the podcast is made, equipment used,  favorite stories covered, and finally a Q&A plus meet and greet!

Who? Sherry D. Ramsey

What? Can Tabletop Gaming Improve Your Writing?

Tell Me More! RPGaming and writing have more in common than you might think, and storytelling is at the heart of that comparison. But there are also more subtle ways that gaming can make you a better writer. Learn how to bring the skills you learn as a GM and a player into your writing.

Who? Sherry D. Ramsey

What? The Cat Said What?

Tell Me More! Science fiction and fantasy are filled with animals, robots, artificial intelligences, and other companions who support (and sometimes annoy) our characters on their adventures. Come talk about your favourites and what they tell us about the characters and stories we love.

Who? Sherry D. Ramsey

What? Got A Month? Write A Novel!

Tell Me More! Learn about National Novel Writing Month, and how it can help you get that first novel draft written. We’ll also talk about the lessons NaNoWriMo can teach us to help us write more, faster, and more consistently any time of the year. Bonus: I have a first draft, now what do I do?

Who? Hal Hilden & Andrew Clark

What? Creating a Comic

Tell Me More! Creators Hal Hilden and Andre Clark will host a panel in which they’ll take the audience from plot, to story, to edits, to art, to the final product on their collaboration on an issue of Red Leaf Comics flagship title, THE LEAF, and how one editing request almost made them go crazy! We will make every effort to keep our dialogue PG – seriously.

Who? Hal Hilden and Andrew Clark

What? Andrew’s Awesome Abomination Known As “First Time Crowd Funding”

Tell Me More! Andrew Clark decided that since everyone else was getting in on this crowdfunding thingy, he should give it a shot. What he didn’t expect was all the work involved, and that failure could, and would, happen. But never one to give up, he made a second attempt, hit his goal, and was able to collect his comic ADAM, for immature mature readers, into a trade, and was also able to create issue #6 of his continuing story of the one guy who should NOT be the hero.

Andrew will tell his story, what he had to do, what he won’t do again, and even attempt to answer questions about his introduction into crowdfunding, and Kickstarter in general. Hal plans on solely being eye-candy, but he will also attempt to answer any questions.

Who? Nikki Brown

What? Introducti0n to Cosplay Crafting

Tell Me More! Interested in cosplay? Come learn some new skills at this hands on workshop and demo with cosplay guest Nikki Brown, otherwise known as @Prideoftheamazons on Instagram! 

Who? Kelley Armstrong

What? Storytelling 101

Tell Me More! Kelley Armstrong will give you a run down of the art of storytelling! Ask questions and learn a new skill in this informative panel!

Who? Cherami Leigh

What? Q&A

Tell Me More! A Q&A for actress, Cherami Leigh!

Who? Jodelle Ferland

What? Q&A

Tell Me More! A Q&A for actress, Jodelle Ferland!

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Who? Christina Smith

What? Anime Colouring

Tell Me More! Attendees can pick a coloring page from different well known animes and use high quality markers and coloring pencils. This is a great relaxing panel for those who want quiet time or down time!

Who? Third Person Press

What? Ask a Writer/Editor/Publisher Anything!

Tell Me More! Sherry, Nancy, and Julie of Third Person Press are writers, editors, and publishers, and we’re happy to answer your questions! Come and ask about any aspect of the writing process, from brainstorming ideas, to writing your very first first draft, how to deal with editorial input, or deciding on a publishing pathway, and we’ll share our advice and experiences.

Who? Jeff Bushnik & Dan White

What? Boardgame Tarot

Tell Me More! You make your way past carnival pavilions and animal pens towards the back of the fair. Where is it? Where is the dark tent with the sign telling you your fortune lies within…? You swear it was just here as your circle the fairgrounds for the third time, when upon turning a final corner… you see… it’s time to give up and come to us instead.
Yes, we own tarot decks. Yes, we left them at home. Instead we’ll have you draw random cards from random boardgames which we’ll use to interpret your future as well (poorly) as we can.
For this lighthearted and fun little game, Jeff Bushnik and Daniel White will pull a few willing people from the audience and give them the least-accurate prophecies of their life. 

Yes, they will.

Who? Third Person Press

What? Brainstorming with The Story Engine

Tell Me More! The Story Engine is a deck of idea/prompt cards you can combine to create story ideas, creative writing prompts, character and role-playing game campaign ideas, and more! Come and explore how it works, with the Third Person Press editors there to help guide you through the brainstorming process. We’ll be surprised if you don’t leave this panel with a new story or campaign idea!

Who? Jeff Bushnik

What? Bad FanFic (PG & 18+ Events)

Tell Me More! Do you like watching a white man suffer for your amusement? I sure hope so! Because much like Sisyphus rolling the rock uphill I have once again been burdened with trawling the anoxic waters for the most putrid carcasses of rotted prose and fetid poesy in our annual Bad Fan Fishin’ Competition. Wait. I think I made a mistake somewhere… And so did the authors of our selections! They always say one of the lost privileges of yore was being able to fail in private… the problem is, no one forced these authors to publish. It’s one thing to daydream about inserting yourself into your favourite fandom, but quite another to spend precious hours of our liminal existence hacking and slashing through the forests of grammar and good taste to present to the world the clearcut masterpiece that is the story of how all 37 members of BTS are madly in love with you for reasons you don’t feel the need to define because like they just are or whatever no h8. Presented in both flavours, 18+ for those with adult tastes and PG for those of you who like adult things but prefer it when Sam Jackson has had it with these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday through Friday plane. (They will be completely different presentations, but I’ll probably take different bits from the same stories for both.)

Who? Justin Steeves

What? “Breaking Into The Biz” How Allied Legends Can Help

Tell Me More! In this panel we will explore how “Allied Legends” can assist young and emerging artists and creators who are trying to “Break into the Biz”. This happens through direct guidance, assistance with publishers, or sending your created work to editors. This panel will also include how we ended up where we are today!

Who? Avery Varnes

What? CaperCon’s Ultimate Nerd Trivia!

Tell Me More! Think you’ve got what it takes to challenge Trivia Master Avery and his army of devious questions? Then assemble your team of 6 (maximum) or ride solo – the winning team/player will be crowned CaperCon’s “Ultimate Know-It-All(s)” and win some fantastic prizes!

Who? Jeff Wilson

What? Create Your Own Comic Book! (One Hour Challenge)

Tell Me More! This 1 Hour Comic Workshop will guide participants through the steps needed to create their own comic book!

Who? Vaughn MacDonald

What? DALL-E and Vaughn, Best Friends for at least right now!

Tell Me More! What happens when an artistic robot makes whatever I ask it to? You’ll find out! I’m gonna let ya guess first though. DALL-E is an AI that attempts to create art based on internet images, and I’m going to ask it to create some messes for the masses. Come swing by and see what other folks think art really is, and how close you can guess to what my original prompt was!

Who? Vaughn MacDonald

What? Fantasy Beauty Makeup, except this time you know its hosted by Vaughn!

Tell Me More! Vaughn here! Anyone remember that time I had filled in for fantasy beauty makeup? No? That happened one year, and while I had a good time, some folks had shown up to get some tips and tricks for Makeup, and were probably disappointed when I had no knowledge of that subject. The right call would had been let someone draw on my face with sharpie, but this year we have the next best thing. Amanda from Asimmetrical is actually quite well versed in the Makeups, and together We’re hoping to give you a good splash of good ol’ fashion chaos, with some actual makeup this time!

Message #fantasy-beauty-makeup


Who? Radio Wave

What? Fursuiting 101

Tell Me More! A panel by a local furry to help beginners in the furry fandom or who are just curious! Basic tips and tricks regarding fursuiting at conventions and any questions that may come my way!!


Who? Gordon Spencer

What? Gordon’s Issues : 50 + Years Collecting Comics in Cape Breton

Tell Me More! Talk on what it is like to collect comic books while living in Cape Breton. Over 50 years from buying at small corner stores in the 1970s to attending Comic book conventions in SanDiego and New York.


Who? Underworld LARP: Tempest Grove

What? LARP Character Creation + Demo

Tell Me More! Be the best you you can be. Or be the best someone else you can be. The choice is yours.

One of the best things about live-action roleplay is immersing yourself in another character. This panel is here to walk you through the basics of character types, picking skills, and giving life to their personality.

We’ll also be going over mod scenarios to give you a bit of an idea what it’s like to be at a game!


Who? Underworld LARP: Tempest Grove

What? LARP Demo

Tell Me More! So it’s The Weekend. It’s been a long week. And you really want to take out your frustrations by beating up your friend while they’re pretending to be a giant spider.

One of the best things about LARP is you can beat up your friends with their permission and they love it. Or, hey, you can be the one playing the monster too.

Our fighting demos are there to give you the opportunity to try out our latex and foam weapons and learn how to use them properly. We’ll bring an assortment of our equipment for people to test out and get a taste for LARP-safe combat. Come have fun!

Cherami (1)

Who? Five11Youth

What? Jackbox Party with Five11Youth

Tell Me More! Our panel is an in person version of our “Jackbox with Viewers” stream from our Twitch Profile. We will be playing the Jackbox Party Packs with the crowd, and the winner of each game will receive a prize!

Who? Jeff Bushnik

What? Power-Pointing

Tell Me More! The best ideas are stolen, the second-best ideas are made-up on the spot when someone gives you a Powerpoint you’ve never seen before and asks you to present it.
I believe I got the original idea for this from a TikTok but if whoever came up with this concept wants to sue me for stealing it from them they can feel free because I think it would be hilarious to see your presentation in-court.
Jeff Bushnik and friends hope you’ll get some joy out of their discomfort in trying to improvise a presentation in front of a crowd of strangers. Yes, exactly like that nightmare you’ve had. 

Who? Vaughn MacDonald

What? The Price Is Up For Debate

Tell Me More! Come on down, you could be the next contestant on this legally different but somehow classic family game show not suited for the entire family. Win the not so big prize and become jealous of your friends who didn’t have to win some okay prizes! Some will enter, fewer will win, but someone has to!

Who? Scott Sharplin

What? The Shape of the Table: Tabletop RPGs in a Virtual Age

Tell Me More! From COVID to Critical Role, a lot has happened in a short time to transform the way tabletop roleplaying games are seen and experienced. Scott Sharplin, a published RPG writer, gathers some expert friends to talk trends, technologies, editions and indie favourites in a comprehensive round-table survey of the TTRPG scene.


Who? Jeff Wilson & Featured Artists!

What? Sketch Duel

Tell Me More! Do you think you have what it takes to beat local artists in an epic battle of sketchbook proportions? Here is your chance! Watch from a distance or be daring and join in!

The sketch duel with take place at 12:00pm on Saturday in Main Events. Signup will start at Data Desk at 11:30am!

Who? Jeff Wilson

What? Sketchbook Socials

Tell Me More! Sketchbook Socials will follow the same format as previous “Sketchbook Social” events with art supplies and sketchbooks for people to enjoy!

Who? I don’t know why you’re asking it’s clearly Vaughn MacDonald!

What? Vaugh Yells At Things… Again (Time Skip Edition) 18+

Tell Me More! No one asked for more, and you’re gonna have the option to get it! A joke that’s gone too far is continuing to go too far as we sit in a room and civilly chat about the post mortem fate of the wolf-man, paper straws, and what the local Doom-Sayers have been doom-saying now that the comet that was supposed to hit us in 2020 missed, and none of us have turned into half mole half non biodegradable Tims stir-sticks to survive. Come chat and be whelmed all at once!

Who? Vaughn MacDonald!

What? Vaughn-Pardy!

Tell Me More! Vaughn-pardy! I know it hasn’t been the same in the last few years, but I’m throwing my hat into the ring as a new host for a famous game show I cant name, but can parody! Think you know a lot about American history? 2000’s Teen dramas? The Hairy Potter and the Star Wars of Fortnight (gotta play those algorithms)? That’s great but none of that stuff will be represented this time. I’ll pick a few teams from the crowd and play for some debatably fabulous prizes!

Who? Ken Chisholm

What? Vinland Vikings, Epic Journeys, and the Babylonian Dead: Finding the Fantastic in Classical Literature

Tell Me More! An hour to quickly introduce a modern audience to the amazing stories of ancient myths, Homeric epics, a major Hindu myth cycle, Icelandic Sagas and their Cape Breton connection, side trips through Beowulf, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and other classical and medieval texts. With an emphasis on the weird, the wacky, and connections to modern horror and fantasy.

Who? Jeff Wilson

What? What We Draw In The Shadows

Tell Me More! We Draw in the Shadows is a presentation on how artists use light and shadow to create their work.