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You are the lifeblood of the CaperCon community and play a pivotal role in bringing a sense of wonder and appreciation to the convention. We at CaperCon strive to bring fans of all things geeky together, and provide a concentrated group of customers who love what you do!


Exhibitor Policy

CaperCon Exhibitor Information Package


2022 Due dates: All exhibitors must be paid in full by Sept 10th 2022.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming one of our exhibitors at CaperCon. Below is all the information needed to start the process to exhibiting your goods and services at our convention. If you still have questions after reading the info package, contact information is provided below.

Please read the entire package carefully.

Exhibitor Set Up/Tear Down

CaperCon we will be combining vendors and artists so that they are all under the title of exhibitors.

There will be several options this year for the exhibitor area; Half tables, Full tables, Regular Booths, Premium Booths and Ultra Booths.

Due to crowding issues there is a limit to how many people can be behind the tables at any given time.

    • Half tables – no more than 1 persons.
    • Full tables – no more than 2 persons.
    • Regular Booths – no more than 4 persons.
    • Premium Booths –  no more than 4 persons.
  • Ultra Booths – no more than 5 persons.

Please respect the restrictions put in place for your safety and for the safety of others.

CaperCon will be opening for exhibitor setup in the arena at Centre 200 at 11am – 3pm on Friday. Please specify in advance if you would like any assistance and we will try to make it available to you.

You will have 2 hours before opening each day to set up your station. All booths must be ready by opening each day. Sellers should not be performing major set up tasks during convention hours.

Overnight security is available, merchandise should be covered with a tarp or sheet at the end of the day. Anything lost or stolen is in no way under CaperCon or Centre 200 liability.

(Volunteers may be available to assist with set up/tear down if needed.)


CaperCon will use the email address you provide during registration for all communication. If we do not hear a response from important email, we will try to contact you by telephone. It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to respond to emails if required. Please ensure you provide an active and up to date email. If you have any question(s) that was or were not answered in this policy, you may email us directly at [email protected]


    • A deposit of 25% is required after approval it is due within ten (10) days of application approval date. Fees are to be paid online through PayPal.
    • Remainder of payment must be paid by August 31st.
  • Any exhibitor who has not completed payment may be removed and replaced with a wait list exhibitor.

Cancellation Policy

    • If you cancel prior to August 31st, you will be eligible to receive a fifty percent (50%) refund on your payment excluding the 25% Deposit.
    • After September 1st, no payments will be refunded.
    • Should the convention be cancelled for reasons beyond our control, including but not limited to: war, fire, strike, government regulation, public catastrophe, anything considered to be an Act of God or the public enemy; you will be refunded in full.
    • At no time will the refund exceed the amount paid.
  • First consideration for refunds will be the for the same as the method of original payment; however, CaperCon reserves the right to use an alternate method of payment if circumstances warrant.

Location & Floor Plan

  • The final floor plan/ layout will be made public approximately one (1) month prior to the convention start date by being released on the www.capercon.ca website. CaperCon reserves the right to revise the floor plan and/or move the exhibitor as required. Should the exhibitor fail to observe the rules (see Rules for Exhibiting), CaperCon reserves the right to remove the exhibitor without refunding any fees.

Photography / Videography

CaperCon reserves the right to have photographs and videos taken at the convention at any given time. Please read the following terms carefully.

By reading and accepting this, I hereby give CaperCon and its affiliates permission to use any photography or video of myself in promotional material. I understand that I will not be receiving monetary compensation for any material that is used.


Exhibitors understand that neither CaperCon, Centre 200, nor any staff of any aforementioned entity will be held liable for loss of equipment, merchandise, revenues or any other direct or indirect damages, however caused. All exhibitors are responsible for their own property.

Rules for Exhibiting

Displays & Item Sales

    • CaperCon is a family friendly convention. If offensive material is found, CaperCon reserves the right to ask the exhibitor to remove it from display.
    • No exhibitor’s display shall inhibit other exhibitor’s display.
    • The display should NOT exceed over 8 ft from ground up or NOT above 5ft from the table up. This is a safety issue and we hope that you will comply.
    • Your table displays should be stable for the safety of exhibitors and the con attendees, if a display looks unsafe a staff member will inspect it and may instruct you to move it.
    • CaperCon prohibits the sale of live weapons. This includes but is not limited to: fire arms, swords, arrows, knives, etc. These items may be used for display only but must comply with federal regulations.
    • Please be aware that due to fire regulations there is to be NO exhibiting of goods from the floor or under tables. No exits may be blocked. CaperCon reserves the right to request the removal of such obstructing items.
    • Banners or advertisements displayed cannot exceed the allowed width, height or depth of your permitted space.
    • We ask that you do not dismantle your display until the exhibitor floor hours are over for the day/weekend, unless in the case of an emergency.
    • Exhibitors must maintain their space free of debris or materials that may be unsightly. (ie. packing supplies, garbage etc.)
    • All exhibitors must wear their identification at all times while on-site.
  • Should any of the material for sale be deemed as unauthorized reproductions (counterfeit) or illegal for sale, the exhibitor and their wares may be removed from the site without compensation.

Security & First Aid

    • Uniformed and undercover security will be present on-site during the convention hours and off-hours; however, CaperCon is not responsible for property loss or damage. (see Disclaimer)
    • The exhibit area is to be secured by locking doors during non-convention hours with overnight security. Re-entry to attendees and exhibitors will not be permitted.
  • First Aid volunteers will be available on-site to respond to any medical needs.

Code of Conduct

    • Violence/Profanity will not be tolerated. Any complaints received may result in the vendor expulsion from the convention, without invitation to return or without reimbursement of monies paid.
    • Nudity is not permitted.
    • Your identification must remain visible at all times.
  • Exhibitors in costume must comply with CaperCon weapon policies, costume policies and security personnel. CaperCon will request the removal of any part that violates those policies for the safety of the attendees.

Other Rules

    • Exhibitors shall observe and obey all Canadian laws, the by-laws of the City of Sydney, Nova Scotia, and the Venue. Should an exhibitor be found to be in violation of these laws — prior to the convention or during – this may result in the exhibitor’s expulsion from the convention without reimbursement of monies paid.
    • Exhibitors and their staff shall not defame, slander or otherwise harm the integrity of the convention and Centre 200 through spoken, physical, electronic, written or any other means, at any time. Should a vendor be found to be in violation – this will result in the exhibitor’s expulsion from the convention without reimbursement of monies paid.
    • Exhibitors will not sublet or apportion their “space” without the written consent of CaperCon.
    • Any other persons representing your party may be required to purchase a day or weekend pass to cover their attendance.
    • No flammable materials shall be used in the display of your booth.
    • All promotional activities will be limited to your space; CaperCon must be informed of activities beyond traditional sales of merchandise and other items.
  • The venue does not permit the sale of food or drink items, unless the item can be deemed as a specialty item that is not readily available.

Set Up Time, Show Hours, Dismantle Time



    • FRIDAY – 3PM TO 9PM
    • SATURDAY – 11AM TO 8PM


This policy is subject to change.


Should you have any questions, please make sure to reach out to CaperCon’s exhibitor relations team at [email protected]

CaperCon Exhibitor Pricing Chart

Prices are for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. No daily pricing is available. All prices include tax and are in Canadian Dollars.

    • Half Table (1 badge / 1 chair 5x3ft): $45.00
    • Full Table (2 badges / 2 chairs 5x6ft): $80.00
    • Booth (2 badges/ 2 chairs 10x8ft): $200.00
    • Premium Booths (2 badges/ 2 chairs 12x8ft two 6ft tables): $250.00
  • Ultra Booths (2 badges/ 2 8ft tables/ 2 chairs 20x 8ft four 6ft tables): $350.00 (and a 1/4 page ad in booklet 4.25”(h)x2.75”(w) )

$40 extra tables (only available to Booth options)