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You can vote for your favourites at Data Desk all weekend!

Name: Jodi

Age: 18

I created this artwork of Koko dancing to music because I love music and I also love art. Music makes me feels good or sad depending what I’m listening to and art makes me feel creative and whatever’s in my brain I draw it out and it flows through my imagination and it makes me feel proud.

Name: Colin Mcdonald

Age: 24

I submitted this picture because during the pandemic, Animal Crossing has been popular for many people during those trying times, and also has helped me relax and helped me connect with friends online. Animal Crossing is also notable for their puns whenever you catch fish or insects, so I thought it would be funny to include Kiki along with a kraken pun!

Name: Emily Barrington MacDonald

Age: 11-16 age group

I decided to make Kiki in a human form doing the things I love doing for self care, Reading

Name: Kevin Sweeney

Age: 52

I like to paint Warhammer miniatures. I find it calms the mind and keeps me focused, that is why I drew your mascot doing just that. My family and I are looking forward to going to Capercon this year.

Name: Emma Reid

Age: 23 yrs old

This is a digital artwork I made of Kiki multitasking her self-care. I humanized her to make it easier on myself to draw the pose, but also to make her a cute chibi character. I wanted to include Koko so I made it show her on the phone with Kiki. Other than the phone call, she’s eating a healthy snack, drinking tea, waving an incense stick, has music in her headphones and candles beside her, the window open letting in the fresh ocean air. I also included a colouring page version.

** Colouring page download here**

Name: Katrina Nicholson

Age: 38

For my entry I crocheted a Kiki (crochet bring my preferred self care activity) and took her photo doing HER favorite self care activity: painting!

Name: Arwen Falvey

Age: 45

Submission: This is your mascot spending a little self care time in the tub. I drew this because I own Kaleidosoap, a soap company that specializes in geeky soaps and supporting mental health with hygiene and self care.