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Looking to clear out some of your old geeky things, or just looking to make a few extra dollars?

Then the Garage Sale is perfect for you! The Garage Sale allows attendees to safely sell their old merch to other attendees at-con, no sketchy kijiji emails here! Applications are now OPEN! Get your spot before we run out.

Apply here:

Application Coming Soon


  • The Garage Sale will take place on Sunday of the convention
  • Spots must be reserved online before the event
  • 10$ a spot (3x4ft space on the floor)
  • One attendee per spot.
  • An attendee may purchase a maximum of two spots. If there is still space available after applications close, buying more than one spot is allowed (max of four).
  • The Garage Sale is for second hand goods only. Items that would normally be sold at an Artist Alley or Vendor table will not be allowed. This includes handmade art, crafts, and new products.
  • No 18+ material, weapons, illegal objects, or any other items against CaperCon’s regulations.
  • Applications will remain open Thursday before con or until spaces run out