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Volunteer Policies For Events

These are not guidelines. If these rules are not followed you will not be eligible for a free ticket and, depending on severity of the issue, be banned from volunteering or attending CaperCon indefinitely.

This policy is for events occurring outside of the convention. These are primarily for promotion and fundraising.


– Must be 16+ to volunteer.

– We must be informed in advance that you will be present for the event.

– ID’s must be brought with you.

– You must fill out the form online to volunteer for events. Information about how contact will be established between your head volunteer and you will be discussed in the application form.

– Your badge must be visible at all times regardless of cosplay or outfit.

– You must find your own way to the event. Whether you carpool with another volunteer or staff member is up to you but you are responsible for finding a way there and back.

– In the scenario there is an armband or other defining article for volunteers, this must also be fully visible and be worn where your volunteer head tells you.

– You must work a majority of the events to qualify for a free ticket. For example: If there are 6 events you must work a minimum of 4 full events. If you work less, a discount on your ticket may be considered but you will not receive a free pass.

– Arrive early! Leave late.

– You must stay for the entirety of the events unless specified, including cleanup. If you do not it will not be considered a full event worked.


We have an anti-bullying policy.

– There is NO judgment, bullying, or discriminatory comments to be made by anyone for any reason. Negativity directed towards another volunteer or con-goer will remove you from the Convention immediately and could lead to a permanent ban.

– There will be no profane language of any kind on the floor. This is an all ages con and for lack of a better phrase, watch your mouth.


*** I know this seems like a lot to take in but this information is vitally important to the safety and function of any event. We have volunteers coming back year after year who can tell you that this is a fun and rewarding experience. We’d love to see you volunteering for CaperCon 2018!



Genaya F.

Volunteer and Panel Coordinator

Sara T.

(New) Volunteer head for CaperCon 2018


Questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to the volunteer email volunteers@capercon.ca.