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Job descriptions (This is for the Convention only) :

Floor – Walking on the floor with vendors and artists. You’ll spend the time answering questions for attendees, giving directions and assisting artists and vendors as so required.IE, bringing water and/or other items to their table ect.

This is a standing roll.

General – You will work between floor and data desk. You are basically “On Call” if a guest, attendee, or staff member needs something, you’re the one they call. Things like this will include, dances, set up, breaks, and costume contest assistance.

This can be a sitting or standing roll.

Data Desk – Exactly as it sounds, you’ll be general knowledge for the con. Help make a con-goers experience event better. Direct them to panel rooms, staff members, or the washroom.  You may be in charge of signups for events or ticket sales.

This is a sitting roll.

Panels – Panels have a start time and an end time. Your job is to make sure panelists are good too go and remind them when they are running out of time. 5 minute reminders. It is also your job, during an 18+ panel, to check ID’s door. An 18+ panel will specifically be listed on the schedule as such.  If a room needs a projector, a speaker, or a panellist requests something it is your mission to make sure they get it. In the scenario a panellist does not appear to do their panel you must notify Genaya ASAP and make sure you announce to any attendee trying to attend that it has been cancelled.

This is a standing roll.

Walker – We don’t know where to put you, when you’ll be here, you or if you’re even one of our volunteers so you’re a walker. Check breaks, assist anyone who needs you and jump in when you can. Don’t forget those 8 hours. If you have nothing to do, find your volunteer head. A lot of people can’t make shifts or need a switch, that’s where you come in.

This could be either a standing or sitting roll.

Registration – You’ll be the first people they see when they enter the con. You’ll be giving them their pre-purchased bracelets and making sure the lines are running smoothly. If a weapon looks dangerous you can also request to tag a weapon. This will allow you to check it and pass it for safety at the con. This role will mostly be given to security but you also have the right to check. If you feel it’s needed.

This is a sitting role.