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1. Where will CaperCon 2020 be held?

This year it will be a virtual con. Events will be held online, mostly through Zoom.

2. Will you need a zoom account to join?

Yes. It is free to make an account. Valid email address is needed. No purchase needed to make account. You do not need paid Zoom account to participate.

3. Will events have limits on who can attend?

An event may have limits based on the panelists’ requests. If it’s an open panel, zoom will allow for a maximum of 100 people. If an event reaches that, then no more can enter, unless people leave the room. (If a game has limits, it would be first come first serve).

4. Will there be exhibitors?

Yes. Participating exhibitors will be listed on the exhibitor page.

5. Is there an age limit to participate?

Virtual CaperCon 2020 will be for all ages. An age range will be in the title of the panel/event if it is not all ages.

6. Are there rules/policies that need to be followed?

Yes. Here is the link for our policies – http://capercon.ca/virtual-con-2020/virtual-con-policies/

7. How do I join events?

On Friday, Oct 16th, the schedule and the zoom links for each panel on the schedule page on the official website. (**Note, links can update if have to be re-made. Check back to capercon.ca right before panel to confirm you have the right link).