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Art Contest

We’re sure by now all you creative folk out there have run out of all of the art prompts you found this year, so we’re here to suggest a new one for you. It doesn’t matter if you paint, sculpt, write, shape foam on lattes, sing, work leather, draw, animate, carve forbidden runes into cave ceilings, have perfected baking sourdough to the point where you can shape it at will, or even do something strange like take photographs, we’d love to see what you can do!

Theme: Togetherness

Since this year’s convention is online, we decided to introduce to you Kiki’s cousin Koko. They’re longtime friends with Kiki but spend most of their time online, so you haven’t met them yet. However, this kind of event is right up Koko’s alley so they were only too happy to help out their cousin. So what we’d like to see is pictures of this tentacled twosome spending time together. Friends and family are what’s been getting us through this tough year. What have you been up to with yours? Show us what Kiki and Koko have been up to this year. What do they do for fun? Has Koko been showing Kiki their video game collection? Have they overcome any challenges this year? Like the time Kiki got stuck in a jar and Koko had to get her out. Have they gone for a picnic? And if so, was that picnic underwater? Also, how cool would it be to picnic underwater?

Don’t be afraid to share your message with the world, we rise by lifting others up and standing for what’s right!


Entries MUST be received by: October 16th, 2020You can send your submission and info (Name, Age, and Email/Phone Number) to volunteers@capercon.caBe sure to include a small note on why you decided to create what you did.Every submission will be shown. Staff members will choose winners and the fans will vote on an overall favourite.The overall winner will get a prize basket provided by Brycen Boland Art.Some submissions from last year!