As a group it can be challenging for us to figure out who should cover what. We all have such different interests!

We’ll be doing blog posts featuring the various members of the CaperCon committee in the near future. We’ll also be putting up a page on our website with a bio for everyone. We’re only a handful of people, but we cover a lot of various fandoms. That being said: we can’t cover them all.

That’s where you come in.

We’re going to be putting out a lot of content on our new website. We’ll definitely be putting out blog posts and it’s possible we’ll do other things like podcasts or YouTube channels. We’ll cover a lot of subjects and you can help.

Our Facebook group is a great local resource for all Cape Breton fandom. People post things covering a broad range of subjects. We’d like to do that with our blog as well. We’re going to start off by hand selecting a number of creative people we know. We’re going to ask them to write blog posts for us every once in a while. Artists, craftspeople, cosplayers, gamers, entrepreneurs. We’re looking for people who would be appropriate for being at CaperCon either as an attendee, a panelist or somewhere in between, who has an exciting story to tell and is able to tell it well.

We will all benefit from this.

Content makes websites better. Our website exists to help sell tickets and exhibitor tables, find volunteers and panellists, raise awareness and funding, and grow our community. You’re our community so it only makes sense that you be given an opportunity to help make CaperCon even better. You already do that when you come to CaperCon in an amazing cosplay, listen to our guests or come play in any other way with us. If you’re a vendor or artist planning on attending this year helping to grow CaperCon will help you make sales. If you’re an attendee or a local creative helping to grow CaperCon will help get you a better experience, and help you share your experiences!

You don’t need to have experience with this sort of thing. Everyone has to start somewhere. We’ll have the final say in what gets posted as this site must consistently represent our brand and values.