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Panelist Policies

What is a panelist? A panelist is a person passionate enough about a subject that they want to share it with the world.

All Policies are subject to adjustment to which you will be notified. It is your responsibility to remain up to date.  

These are not guidelines, these are rules. If these rules are not followed you will be asked to leave, not be reimbursed for your ticket,  and/or be banned from applying to host a panel in the future.

  • You MUST inform to the programming director if your panel concept changes from PG to 18+ as it will need to be listed in the panel description. It will then be up to you to decide whether or not you wish to permit those under 18 in your panel so long as they have permission from a present parent before entry.
  • You are responsible for all items in the room. If you do not know how to use something someone will arrive before your panel begins to help you get set up. If no one arrives, a volunteer can be requested to help you get set up. Please do not use something you’re unsure of to avoid the risk of damage.
  • Your con pass must be visible at all times regardless of cosplay or outfit.
  • CaperCon panelists are required to purchase a con pass. There is no discount given to panelists or reimbursement offered; unless the panelist is also a con volunteer who has worked their additional hours as paneling counts as volunteer hours. (See Volunteer Policy)
  • The schedule will be emailed out to panelists at least one or two weeks before it is released to the public. You are NOT permitted to share the working schedule with anyone, it is for you alone to confirm that the days and times are correct.

We have an anti-bullying policy.

  • There is NO judgement, bullying, or discriminatory comments to be made by anyone for any reason. Negativity directed towards another panelist, volunteer, or con-goer will remove you from the convention immediately and could lead to a permanent ban.
  • There will be no profane language of any kind unless you’re conducting an 18+ panel; within reason. Due to the nature of these panels a volunteer must be positioned outside your panel room before you can begin.
  • If you need to cancel your panel PLEASE to let us know as soon as you know. There is a wait list of people that would love a spot.
  • We want you to have the best experience at CaperCon, but spaces free to host panels are very limited. We are working every year to adjust times and locations of the panels to maximize attendance and enjoyment.

Thank you for your participation in CaperCon 2021!


Genaya Fraser

Programming Director

Questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to the volunteer email volunteers@capercon.ca.