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Armour Building Basics (Nikki Brown and Matt Aucoin)

An intro to armour building with EVA foam. This will cover a basic overview of the full process of an armour build from the start of pattern making, all the way through to painting and detailing your final piece. There will be a live demonstration of how a piece is assembled.

Emma Caulfied Q&A 

Actress Emma Caulfield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beverly Hills 90210, Darkness Falls) answers questions from the audience.

Funding Games on Kickstarter Q&A (Jason Anarchy)

Designer ‘Jason Anarchy’ goes through all the steps of getting a game funded on Kickstarter. Having been a part of 10 funded games using crowd funding, Jason knows all the Do’s and Don’t if you want to bring your game idea to life. This panel will be heavy on Question and Answer and all crowd funding questions are welcome!

How to Break Into Comics (Ed Brisson)

Comic book writer Ed Brisson (Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, Dead Man Logan) shares his best advice on how to break into the comic book industry.

Jordan Bonaparte Q&A

Creator of the Nighttime Podcast answers questions from the audience.

Robert Picardo Q&A

Actor Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate, Hail Caesar) answers questions from the audience.

Sketch Dual (Danica Brine and Nick Bradshaw)

Artists compete with guest artists Nick Bradshaw and Danica Brine to find out who speed draws it best, as judged by the audience.

The Comic Page Process (Danica Brine and Nick Bradshaw)

A comic page from start to finish: Storyboard, pencil, ink, colour and print as explained step by step by Danica Brine and Nick Bradshaw. 

Thermoplastics in Cosplay (Nikki Brown and Matt Aucoin)

An introduction on cosplay creation using Thermoplastics. A variety of different plastics will be on hand as we cover the different treatment each requires. There will be a broad overview of what each Thermoplastic is best suited for, as well as a live demonstration on how to shape your pieces.

Weird Nova Scotia – 5 stories by the Nighttime Podcast (Jordan Bonaparte)

Nova Scotia isn’t just lighthouses and scenic look offs. It gets quite weird here. 

Join Jordan Bonaparte (the host and creator of the Nighttime podcast) for a journey through five of his favorite stories set in Nova Scotia. From Jesus Christs appearance at a local coffee shop to one of the world’s most compelling UFO sightings. Jordan will share some of what he has learned during his research into these fascinating stories.  

Topics include:

  • Jesus Christ’s visit to Tim Horton’s (North Sydney)
  • The disappearance of TROY COOK (Truro)
  • ESTHER COX, the great Amherst mystery (Amherst)
  • The Shag Harbour UFO Incident (Shelburn County)
  • The Bayers Lake Mystery Walls (Halifax Regional Municipality)

Do You Call Yourself a Writer? (Sherry Ramsay)

Do you hesitate to call yourself a writer? It’s not always easy to develop confidence as a writer, but every successful writer faces this challenge. Learn why we struggle with these insecurities, and strategies to overcome them. We’ll talk about sharing work, dealing with feedback and criticism, preparing for submissions and rejections, and how we learn to call ourselves writers.

Rules & Rebels: Find the Writing Advice that Works for You (Sherry Ramsay)

Does it seem like there are more “rules of writing” than there are writers? How can you possibly follow them all? (Hint: you can’t!) Come and learn what “rules” will work for you and when it’s better to be a rebel. We’ll discuss the most-quoted “rules of writing,” how valid they really are in today’s publishing world, and what to do when it seems like you can’t possibly follow all these “rules.”

Writing Villains Your Readers Love to Hate (Sherry Ramsay)

Great villains are the heroes of their own stories; weak villains can make a great story collapse. Come learn how to challenge your heroes with bad guys your readers will love to hate. We’ll talk about how to avoid “cardboard cutout” and “I’m just evil” villains and create antagonists who are fully developed characters in their own right.


FanFiction Theatre: The Three Brothers (Jule Ann Hardy) 

FanFiction Theatre is back, and this time for redemption: The Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts’ Travelling Players return to present their new production of The Three Brothers, adapted from Beedle the Bard’s Tale of the Three Brothers. However, the Dark Lord himself has come to crash the party and fulfill his true goal – to become the Master of Death… on stage. The cast and crew must do their best to survive the day by thwarting Voldemort’s plan of retrieving the Elder Wand, get through all their costume changes and remember their lines! After all, the show must go on! At least until the Aurors show up.

The Three Brothers is a performance parody set in the Harry Potter universe adapted by Jule Ann Hardy. Basically, it’s Fan Fiction Theatre. Harry Potter and Tales of Beedle the Bard belong to JK Rowling.


All Hail the King! Jack Kirby’s Influence on Art & Culture

Jeff Wilson discusses the artwork and genius of the undisputed King of Comics, Jack Kirby!

Bad Fan Fiction: PG and 18+ (Jeff Bushnik)

Breaking Down Life Drawing! (For beginners and intermediate artists (Miriam Williams)

Everyone will agree that life drawing is essential for every artist, but where do you even start? What even is life drawing?? How do you draw something that’s always moving??? What do you mean “you need to warm up first”???? Well, let’s find out together! Join us, newbies and old hats, as we break it all down. From the bare-bones to poses, to weight distribution and beyond! Be sure to bring lots of paper and pencils, too!

CaperCon’s Ultimate Nerd Trivia v 2.0 (Avery Varnes)

With the success of the first run of CaperCon’s Ultimate Nerd Trivia, we’re back for round 2! 

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the Ultimate Nerd? Bring your team of 5 (maximum) or ride solo and take on Trivia Master Avery and his diabolical (and wholly geeky) questions – the winning team/player will be crowned CaperCon’s “Ultimate Know-It-All(s)” and have a shot at some glittering prizes!

Con Etiquette! What to expect and what’s expected of us! (Miriam Williams)

Convention are fun and exciting opportunities to meet and bond with fellow nerds about all the things we hold near and dear, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. How should you greet vendors or get their attention? What should I pack (aside from my cosplay)? How do I handle hotels? What do I do here???Join us as we discuss not only etiquette,  but offer tips, tricks and advice to help you navigate the floor and enjoy any convention to its fullest! 

Danganronpa 2: Ask The Cast (Megan Renee Jeffery) 

Have you ever had any questions you wanted to ask the cast of the video game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair? If yes, then this is your chance! A small group of cosplayers have come together to play the parts of certain characters for fun and entertainment. 

Disney karaoke

Be our Guest! Be our Guest! Put your singing skills to the test!
**Singers will be picked from a raffle system.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text – CaperCon Edition (Heather Spares)

Based on the practices of the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast, the participants of this panel will take part in examining and discussing a chapter of the Harry Potter books through a particular theme, including using the Christian spiritual reading practice of Lectio Divina.  Delve deep into the story with other lovers of Harry Potter, and learn something new about yourself and the world around you. No religious affiliations are required for participation: all are welcome!

Chapter of Focus:  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 14: Felix Felicis

Theme:  Distraction

J-Fashion Explosion! Clothes that are five times more fun (Victoria Salt)

Myself and some friends will be talking about different Japanese fashion styles such as lolita, kadona, fairy kei, etc. Some of us will be dressed in these styles. The panel will lean a bit more towards lolita, as that is where we have the best knowledge! I will have a PowerPoint with pictures, and we will be open to questions and discussion!

Make It So! The Impact of Science Fiction on Humanity

Jeff Wilson discusses the origins and influences of science fiction on human culture, from Frankenstein to Star Trek and beyond!

Make Up 101 (Baillie Elizabeth Ferguson)

Want to learn basic makeup skills? Need to learn how perfect that one last detail for your cosplay? Come to Make Up 101! 

Make up artist Baillie Ferguson will teach you all you need to know. 

This panel will teach you where to find the best products and how to use them to your advantage. Make up is an art form and can be the final touch to help complete any cosplay. 

There will be time for questions and demos can be done if there are volunteers! Open to all ages! 

Sally Face Q&A And Theory (Hayley Croft)

This panel is all about the game Sally Face. Ask us any questions you deem appropriate, and theorize with us about the game’s upcoming chapters. 

Sketchbook Socials! The Art of Being Creative

Jeff Wilson hosts a drawing workshop that will awaken the creative power within you! Free sketchbook included for all participants!

Stories From The Grove

Come listen to our players tell the stories that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you haven’t LARPed you’re missing out. Underworld LARP Cape Breton: Tempest Grove is the Island’s only LARP game and we have a dedicated base of players that love to show up and talk about our passion. Stop by and hopefully you’ll never want to leave again!

The Truth About Furries (Angelica Mary Gordon)

The media is full of misconceptions about furries. This is an informative and fun panel about furries – run by furries! It’s your chance to ask us anything about our fandom, it’s culture and its impact. We absolutely invite people who are not furries to attend.

Um, Actually: The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Kyle MacNeil)

Um, Actually is a show where I tell you false statements about the franchises you love and ravenously defend, and then you correct me in the most obnoxious way possible! It’s a place for nerds to vent and brag about how much they know, but don’t forget, all corrections must be proceeded by the phrase ‘Um, Actually…’

It will be a jeopardy style game-show, based off of the hit CollegeHumor series hosted by Mike Trapp. Check out the official series on Dropout.tv!

Underworld LARP Cape Breton: Tempest Grove fighting demo 

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know how to roleplay. This demo is to show you how much fun you’re missing out on if you’re just RPing without the Live Action. We’ll bring our weapons and show you how to use them… and then give you free reign to cry havoc and let slip your dogs of war. Or, hey, you can just stop by and watch people hitting each other for fun if that’s your bag. 

Vaughn Yells At Things: Vaughn had a clever name for this panel (Vaughn MacDonald)

All welcome to the the biggest mistake you’ll make all weekend! what is this panel? Its usually just me and the crowd debating if the Wolfman goes to heaven if all dogs go, or at least what half. The only exception is I usually have a microphone and I have a desk. The only guaranteed barracuda free panel! Unless someone else uses this joke as well, or someone cosplays a barracuda out of spite!  I don’t know what a barracuda looks like and at this point I’m too proud to Google it. 

A Writer’s Critique Survival Guide (Third Person Press)

Giving and receiving critique comments can be one of the most helpful–and terrifying–experiences for a writer at any level. Come learn how to offer helpful critiques and survive receiving your own!
We’ll talk about being on both sides of the critiquing process and how to get the most out of the experience, as well as helpful tips and tools. Attendees can enter a draw to receive a critique on a short piece of writing.

You—Yes, You—Can Cosplay, Too! (Beginner Cosplay Panel) (Meggan Howatson)

Want to start cosplaying, but don’t know how?  Have an interest in cosplay, but are intimidated by the amazing work others are doing? Never fear! We all start somewhere, and it’s so important to push past those initial worries and dive into the fun of cosplay! This panel will offer beginner advice regarding cons and costumes, as well as some tips and tricks of the trade.