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Panels 2018! (Alphabetical)


Guest Panels

Fighting Dreamers Productions (FDP: Cosplay Group)

Cosplay on a Budget

A panel all about how to cosplay without breaking the bank! Little tips and tricks to make cosplay more accessible.

Cosplay Makeup

From special effects makeup to the basic cosplay makeup necessities, this panel covers cosplay makeup tips and tricks for all skill levels.

Cosplay Wigs

A panel for beginner and veteran wig stylists alike!

Demystifying Cosplay Contests

A new panel we wanted to pilot. This panel explores the ins and outs of cosplay contests from the perspective of 3 cosplayers who have judged contests in a number of counties for the past 6 years. Takes you through what judging is, how to prepare, and attempts to demystify an often very intimidating process.


Greg Bryk (Actor)


Actor Greg Bryk (Far Cry 5, Frontier, Bitten, Handmaids Tale, and more) answers questions from the audience.


Kevin Duhaney and Jeff Parazzo (Actors)


Actors Kevin DuHaney and Jeff Parazzo (Power Rangers DinoThunder) answer questions from the audience.


Nick Bradshaw (Comic Artist)

Sketch Duel

Local artists compete with comic book artist Nick Bradshaw to see who speed draws it best, as judged by the audience!

Scott McNeil (Actor)


Actor Scott McNeil (Dragonball Z, Riverdale, Inuyasha, Gundam and more) answers questions from the audience.

Sherry D. Ramsey (Author)



Learnig to Outline.jpg

Learning to Outline (Even when you think you can’t) 

Writing an outline can be daunting and scary, and you may think it’s not for you. Learn how even the most dedicated seat-of-the-pants writers can use an outline variation to write faster, stronger stories and still retain creative freedom while writing.



World Building.jpg

World-Building for SF and Fantasy Writers 

Creating the world of your story can be fun, but it can also be filled with pitfalls for the unwary writer. Find out how to create believable, original worlds and societies without falling prey to the dreaded “world-builder’s disease.”



Sherry Middle Grade.jpg

Writing Middle Grade and Teen Fiction 

Do you have a story you’d like to tell for YA or Middle Grade readers? These stories are rewarding to write but come with their own requirements and considerations. Learn how to work within expectations and still write great tales for younger readers!





Anatomy for Artists!

Miriam Williams

Do you struggle with wrangling the human form onto the page? Do the advanced anatomy books intimidate you? Well, join us, beginner and veteran artists alike, as we break down the very complex subject of human anatomy in a simple and easy way! We’ll go over each section one at a time, from head to toe, answering questions all the while. We’ll examine artistic shorthand for complicated musculature, explore the differences between the male and female forms, and, most daunting of all: tackling hands and feet! (Gasp!) So grab your pencils and your sketchbooks and lets get drawin’ some bods!

Please be aware! This is a PG-13 panel. There will be absolutely -zero- nudity, but this is still a panel about anatomy.



Applying for rejections.jpg

Applying for Rejections – How to Make Sure Your Story Doesn’t Get Published 

Third Person Press/ Nancy Waldman

A tongue-in-cheek look at the many different reasons manuscripts get rejected–and how you, the writer, can improve your chances of getting your story back with a big “NO” stamped on it. Or, you know, do the opposite for a better chance of acceptance. 😉



Bad Fanfic.jpg

Bad FanFiction 

Jeff Bushnik

We all love our fandoms. Some of us so much so that we decide to create our own stories in them.
This is the story of the stories that shouldn’t be.
The cringe-inducing purple prose, the shudderingly awful plot, the cardboard-cutout characters that are all the more nauseating because we know that- surprise! -it’s really just the author inserting themselves into their own fantasy.
I find the worst examples I can, trim the fat, and serve up a coarse course of semi-illiterature to you.


Bad FanFiction +18

Jeff Bushnik

Fall comes hard on the North Atlantic as the cold winds blow low across the waves. But I’m still here, casting my long lines deep to trawl for whatever my nets might catch. All the healthy specimens are thrown back overboard. We don’t want their kind. We’re looking for the underdeveloped, the undercooked, the ones that have been overused and that should have been left to sink back below.
That’s right, it’s time for Bad Fan Fishin’ 18+.
Come listen to me read amateur prose so bad they make the dirty words therein look like golden kernels of corn.



The Birth of a Dragon! Step by Step in Juniper’s Journey of Creation

Anita Morrison

You met him last year now join me in a presentation on the process used to create him and some tips on things to consider after having used him for the past year.

Juniper is a prize winning instructable project!

He will have his new companion “Garnet” along! Garnet is my latest creation, my “mistake” so to speak. It’s a learning process and I’m bringing him to show you that not all mistakes are bad!



Camp Death III in 2D! +18

Matt Frame, Janna DK MacDonald- Walsh

Canadian 100% Canadian indie feature film ‘Camp Death III in 2d’ which is a profoundly stupid & irreverent comedy/horror spoof of ‘Friday the 13th Part III in 3D.’

*** Has recently been accepted into Cinematic Panic Film Festival!



Ultimate Nerd Trivia.png

CaperCon’s Ultimate Nerd Trivia! +18

Avery Varnes

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the Ultimate Nerd? Bring your team or ride solo and take on Trivia Master Avery and his diabolical (and wholly geeky) questions – the winning team/player will be crowned CaperCon’s “Ultimate Know-It-All(s)” and have a shot at some glittering prizes!



Jeff Bowden.jpg

Con Photography 101 

Jeff Bowden

Photography tutorial for all skill levels to up your game for pics around the con.



Cosplay Movement Workshop

Sheila Christie

To play a character convincingly, you have to know how they move. Work with Dr Sheila Christie of CBU’s Applied Theatre program to start exploring or refining your cosplay characters’ physical presence.


Crash Course in Human Anatomy

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson, a local artist & teacher, will present 3 exciting panels over the weekend that you do not want to miss! Explore the fundamentals of human musculature, proportion, lighting, dynamic poses, & more!
(free sketchbook included for all participants)


Dancestors Q&A (Homestuck) 

Stephanie Morash

This panel is a Homestuck Q&A which may contain shipping, debate, and too many stories!



“The Dating Game: Anime, Video Game, Disney, Fandom Style! +18

Vanna White

Guys, Gals, and Non-Binary Pal’s, I hereby welcome you to the first ever Capercon Dating Game!! In this panel, 3 characters will take the post to answer a variety of questions to win the heart of one! It may be strange, it may be comical, it may be a ship you’ve always wished for! It’s a battle for love!

Those who are interested are expected to inbox me in between September 10th to the 19th! I will randomly select 3 contestants and 1 character YOU will fight !! Good luck!!”




Difference Engines: Representation and Diversity in Pop Culture 

Scott Sharplin

Discussions about diversity, inclusiveness, and representation in pop culture carry political overtones. Fans and creators alike hold strong opinions about who should be encouraged to join their fandoms, and how increasingly diverse fandoms should be reflected within texts. This panel considers why inclusiveness can be a positive thing for everyone, fostering creativity, innovation, and new discoveries.




Fictional Information: Apocalypse Edition 

James FW Thompson

Join world famous expert, James FW Thompson, as he answers all your questions about everything and anything focusing on your questions and concerns about the upcoming apocalypse. You didn’t know there was an apocalypse coming? Well then, it’s a good thing I’m having this panel, isn’t it?



Green Screen Photo booth.jpg

Green Screen Photo Booth 

Cape Breton Regional Library

Insert yourself into your favorite fandom with green screen technology! Using a chroma key app and screen, we can put almost any image in the background behind you. Want to take a photo on the bridge of the Enterprise? Get a selfie with Dr. Who? Drop in any time during the hour and give it a try! Participants can download their photos from the Cape Breton Regional Library Facebook page.



Green Screen Sorting Hat.jpg

Green Screen Sorting Hat 

Cape Breton Regional Library

Calling all witches and wizards! Are you a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? Drop in any time during the hour to take our quiz and find out! Then get your photo taken ‘in’ your House common room using green screen technology! Costume props provided. Participants can download their photos from the Cape Breton Regional Library’s Facebook page.


Hentai or Not +18

Mandie Love

Looking for a hilarious anime event? Join other adult anime fans in playing the raunchy gameshow: Hentai or Not?! Not for the faint of heart!


The Hero’s Journey in Art, Literature, & Life 

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson, a local artist & teacher, will present 3 exciting panels over the weekend that you do not want to miss! Discover the hidden meanings behind every story ever told and expand your knowledge of the storytelling process!
(free sketchbook included for all participants)




Con Artist.jpeg

How to be a Con Artist 

April Baird

How to be a Con Artist – Want to start selling your art or creative wares and have no idea where to start? Been in the convention scene for a while and need tips and tricks? Here you can ask all of your questions and will receive lots of advice on how to get you started selling at different events and conventions. Bring pen and paper for taking notes!



Creating Larp Characters.jpg

How To: Building Characters for Underworld LARP

Jeff Bushnik

Interested in roleplaying but feeling a bit daunted? We understand! That’s why we’ll give you a walkthrough of basic character types and how to design the one that’s perfect for you. Instead of sitting at home in the dark on how to proceed, we’ll be there to answer all of your questions. We’re a very open and accepting group, always looking to make new friends and to share our love of roleplaying.
As an added bonus, any new players that come to our next game will be entered into a draw for a boffer, one of our medium weapons!


Ink & Polish! Finish your Drawing with Pizzazz! 

Miriam Williams

Not many folks realize how much inking can change the attitude of your art! In this panel, we’ll explore the finer points of penmanship and look at examples of the varied and oft unappreciated world of inking! We’ll learn about line weights, distribution, the advantages and pitfalls of both traditional and digital mediums and how best to accommodate for colours or gradients. We’ll demo different techniques to understand their impact on the piece and learn what sets artistic styles apart. Ready to clean up?! Then grab your pens and join us!



The Magical Retelling of the Fountain of Fair Fortune 

Jule Ann Hardy

Fan Fiction Theatre is proud to present: The Magical Retelling of the Fountain of Fair Fortune

A travelling troupe from the Wizarding Academy of Dramatical Arts has come to CaperCon to perform the Fountain of Fair Fortune by Beedle the Bard. Ever since the failed performance at Hogwarts, the play has been cursed but these Wizards and Witches are determined this will be a success. However, from trying to perform magic in front of muggles without breaking the statute of secrecy, a duel breaking out on stage, a screaming howler, and a lot of over acting, things do not go smoothly.


Make a Monster! Basics of Creature Design 

Miriam Williams

In this interactive presentation, we’ll be going over the bare-bones basics, as well as some more advanced tips on creating a monster of your very own! We’ll learn about what makes a beast stand out and how to breathe new life into the more generic creatures, how to address technical issues like legibility and silhouette, to more creative problems like finding inspiration or how your monster fits into the general lore of your story and their place in the world. Grab your sketchpads and come on down! Let’s get ready to make a monster with more bite!

Nerds and Normies 101: v2.0

Avery Varnes

Do you have a nerdy or geeky hobby that the “regular” people in your life just don’t seem to understand? Do you find it difficult to explain why these things you so much joy? Then stop by “Nerds and Normies 101: v2.0”! Discover how to make your hobbies and interests more accessible to the “normies” in your life!


They Cast From the Coast.jpg

Night of the Living Dead – A Screening and Discussion +18

Adam Myles & Tim Johnson

Come join the Misunderstood Art Company and FANGORIA MAGAZINE for a screening of the Romero Classic, Night of the Living Dead, followed by a discussion and panel with hosts of the horror Podcast “They Cast from the Coast”.


Parenting Nerds 

Joel Inglis

As a new parent and as a nerd, Joel is looking for advice from fellow nerd-parents on the best ways to introduce his child to the exciting world of board games, video games, comic books, fandoms, and general nerd culture. In order to do this, he has sought out experts from around the world (who all happen to live in Cape Breton) to give him advice on his adventure of raising the next generation of nerds.


Revenge of the Speedrun, A Link to the Past. 

Joseph Bicknell

Come see one of Cape Bretons most kinda-sorta-good-in-a-way-but-mostly-mediocre Zelda Speedrunners take on A Link to the Past.
Just as he did at CaperCon 2016, Joe is back to break the CaperCon 2015 record of 2:05:05, with brand new tricks up his sleeve and even
more risky strategies to pull off, Live! Feel free to ask questions at anytime during the run for insight into the game or speedrunning in general from a
seven-year veteran.



DMS on WHeels.jpg

RPG 101 (Hosted by DM’S on Wheels) 

James Morrison

DM’S on WHEELS share the tips and tricks that make for a good DM and a good player.


Running an 18+ RPG Without Just Being Smutty +18

James Morrison

In today’s world of child safe gaming we find a need to escape with a truly gritty dark and realistic fantasy world to give into our darkest dreams … And then there are some who just want the chance to £*** an elf girl/guy.




SCA Fight Demo 

Jantzen Wee

Ever wanted to find out how can two fighters wearing 50+ lbs of steel can move around let alone fight? Want to see some awesome outfits? This is your chance to check it out! The Society for Creative Anachronism and the Barony of Ruantallan are proud to put on a display of martial combat for your enjoyment.


Sketchbook Socials: The Art of Being Creative

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson, a local artist & teacher, will present 3 exciting panels over the weekend that you do not want to miss! Learn tips and techniques that inspire your imagination to create art in your daily life!
(free sketchbook included for all participants)




Tales from The Grove (Underworld LARP)  +18

Jeff Bushnik

Come take a seat, relax, and listen to us tell you some of our favourite stories to come out of our little town. The citizens of Tempest Grove are constantly beset with monsters, rogues, fanatics, and anything else our writers can come up with. They have to use all their strength and wits, and often that’s just to get through a meal with their fellow players. Our fun, interactive environment breeds dozens of stories every single game, and we’d like to tell you a few of the best. Like this one time where…



Tracy and Jason.jpg

Tracey & Jason Out of the Basement! (Youtube)

Tracy Lynn Tobin

Tracey and Jason have crawled up from The Basement to come hang out! Come ask questions, learn about our YouTube process, and watch us figure out this whole con thing for the first time ever!



Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor


Underworld LARP Fighting Demo 

Citizens of Tempest Grove

Underworld Cape Breton: Tempest Grove is your local premiere Live-Action Role Play group. We’re medieval fantasy, meaning the character you build can be an elf rogue, dwarf warrior, human mage, or any of dozens of other options. Come learn about us while seeing how our fighting system works! We’ll be providing some of our foam weapons for curious participants, so you can try battling some of our players… or some of your friends. And who knows? If you enjoy yourself enough, you might join, and those players could become your friends!





Not Vaughn MacDonald?

You yell things at me- pet peeves, questions, maybe a verb you’re not a fan of- and I yell about them. If you’ve ever met me, it’s like that, but with more chairs.




Vaughn MacDonald Yells at Things for an Hour 2: The Reckoning +18

Matt Earhart

Come see the return of last year’s hit panel, Vaughn MacDonald Yells at Things for an Hour, in the latest (and hopefully the start of a long-running line of sequels), VAUGHN MACDONALD YELLS AT THINGS FOR AN HOUR 2: THE RECKONING!!! Viewer discretion is advised. This panel should not be seen by pregnant women, regular women, irregular women (please eat more fiber), men of all kinds, epileptics, or people in general. Don’t come see the panel. Or do. I’m not your mother. Whatever.




Women of LARP

Crystal D’Alessandro

The Ladies of Underworld Tempest Grove share OOC (Out of Character) stories about LARP.




Writing three dementional characters.jpg

Writing Three-Dimensional Characters 

Third Person Press/ Nancy Waldman

Characters are the lifeblood of your story, so if they only have the depth of a cardboard cut-out, your readers won’t find them engaging. Learn how to create characters who are fully-formed individuals, ready to capture your readers’ interest and hold it to the end of your story.