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Bad FanFiction

Hosted By: Jeff Bushnik


Who doesn't like a good cringe? We're all passionate about our fandoms, and sometimes that extends beyond our talents. This panel's all about seeing your favourite characters acting wrong in scenarios both so ridiculous and mundane that the poor spelling and grammar aren't the only things that will beggar your belief.

Bad FanFiction, 18+

Hosted By: Jeff Bushnik


Same as above, but with cursing.
Come to this panel if you're 18+ and want all the stuff that was too risqué to be included in the all ages panel. A catch-all for colourful crap. More moribund mores than a Moor on the moor can be morally mortified by. (I'm sorry.)(No I'm not.)

Black Mirror

Hosted By: Eric Lortie


People in IT, technology, and psychology answer questions about how the future tech used on the show "Black Mirror" can change a persons character.

Body and Cosplay

Hosted By: Scott MacKeigan

Discussion/ Q&A

Do you want to be as jacked and tan as Ryu and Ken? Do you want your Goku cosplay to look like he just came out of the hyperbolic time chamber? Maybe you just want to be more confident in your body so you can truly rock that cosplay you've spent so much effort on making. Whatever your goals look like, this panel will be a discussion about the thing you hang your cosplay on: your body!

Book Launch: Rise of the Mudmen by James F.W. Thompson

Hosted By: Third Person Press (Nancy S.M. Waldman)

Reading and Q&A

Be among the first to hear an excerpt and get your copy of this new novel! Set in Sydney in the 1980's, "Rise of the Mudmen" follows a group of teens and kids as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Clothespin Superheros

Hosted By: Lindsay Thompson (Cape Breton Regional Library)


Feeling crafty? Get your hero design sheet to create your own superhero! Are they super strong? Can they Fly? Do they have magic powers? It's up to you! When you have your design ready you can make your own superhero (or villain) clothespin peg doll to take home with you. Happy hero-ing from your local Library!

Content Creation 101 with Warp Whistle Gaming

Hosted By: Mark Carabin


Ever think about starting your own podcast, Youtube channel, or blog? Mark Carabin aka The CaNERDian Gamer, one of the hosts of the Warp Whistle Podcast and Warp Whistle Gaming channel will walk through some of the basics of getting started in creating your own content and sharing it with your audience. What gear you need to start with, where you should post, starting or joining a community, and more! With more than 3 years in the industry, and a weekly show that's been downloaded thousands of times from listeners all over the world, Mark has plenty of experience to make sure this open discussion will have something for everyone.

Stick around after the panel to play some Switch or 3DS games with the host!

Disney Kareoke

Hosted By: Jacqueline McPhee


Hakuna Matata! Don't worry about skill level. Just come and have fun singing songs from your favorite Disney films. Solo and groups welcome!

Disney!!! Trivia and singalong!!

Hosted By: Vanna White

Q&A and Singalong

For all those who love Disney, this is the panel for you! Besides being surrounded by many new magical friends, you will be challenged, given a chance to share laughs and to join as one big fandom in a singalong, while you get to enjoy a treat or two! “For the first time in forever”, this panel is open to all of you!!!

DIY Dragon Eye Bookmark

Hosted By: Anita Morrison


Learn how to create glass dragon eyes and the techniques to make them look like they're staring back at you from the face of your dragon companion!

Dressing Reginald - Makeup demonstration

Hosted By: Sarah Blanchard


Sometimes people of afraid of ghouls -but they're just like you and me. And they want to look their best for a big night. This is a great chance to see a full face theatrical makeup application and connect with your inner ghoul.

Fan Fiction Goes Forth

Hosted By: Sheila Christie


Fan writers and artists are critical, creative, and tech savvy. They understand and manipulate the mass media market while constantly shifting cultural narratives. They are the public intellectuals who cross the boundaries of institutions and interests. And maybe, just maybe, they can be our leaders in the face of global uncertainty and crisis.

Fantasy Beauty Makeup

Hosted By: Madonna Davis


Let your creativity explode in the world of fantasy make up with Madonna Davis, a licensed professional who's does award winning fantasy makeup. Be it inspired make up to full blown looks, learn some tricks to making your dream make up become reality.

First Novel From Both Sides of the Desk

Hosted By: Third Person Press (Nancy S.M. Waldman)

Discussion aimed at writers and aspiring writers in all genres

Aspiring writers won't want to miss this chance to learn about the first novel process! Come and ask a newly-published novelist and his editors your questions about novel publishing from either side of the desk!

Foundation Garments for Gowns

Hosted By: Ashley Baker


Ever wonder how to get that crazy poof to your gowns? Don't know where to start when it comes to corsets? Don't know the difference between a hoop skirt and Panniers? Find all this information and more at the panel. Ashley's Creative Studio has been building corsets and large ball gowns for 6 years and can answer all of your questions about getting that Disney level poof in your dresses!

Ghöst Facers

Hosted By: Shan Gavel

Discussion and Q&A

"we've never believed in ghosts until we came face to face with one. So we set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video....With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigators Chelsea, Genaya and our equipment tech Sara. The four of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations in Cape Breton, where we will spend entire nights, being locked down from dusk until dawn...or until a Demon says 'hi' ” (Thanks Zac)

Horror Effects Makeup

Hosted By: Madonna Davis

Q&A with Demo

Halloween is around the corner and its time to up your A game with the help of Madonna Davis, a licensed professional who loves to play with gore. Need help with special effects or just want to up your zombie makeup game, come see a demo and have your questions answered in this spooky makeup panel.

Intro to Female to Male Crossplay Makeup

Hosted By: Teddie Bear


Female to Male cosplays are popular in the world of cosplaying! But it can be tricky to learn all the tricks and tips, come to our panel to learn how to beard, contour, and just generally be a dude just like your favourite character!

Intro To LARP

Hosted By: Underworld LARP - Guildhouse Tempest Grove

Discussion and Q & A

The first expedition to Tempest Grove didn't come back. The second expedition succeeded and won the Grove back from the monsters who inhabited it, but at a great cost. Now, those who have survived have been joined by others, and they want you to bolster the cause.
Tempest Grove is the easternmost guild of the Underworld LARP franchise, a company that in the past twenty years has spread across Canada and into Japan and the US.
UW LARP is an 18+ horror/fantasy live action weekend long role play that will sink its teeth into you and won't let go! Until one of your companions comes along and thwomps it on the head with their mighty boffer.

This panel will introduce you to our guild's main stories and its rules. Oh, we'll also convince you why you, too, should come to the Grove.

(Seriously, it's addicting.)

Intro to Lolita Fashion

Hosted By: Ashley Baker

Fashion discussion

Always wanted to start wearing Lolita fashion, but never knew where to start? Overwhelmed by the brands, different styles, or how to put together an outfit? Intimidated by the cost? Come learn the ins and outs from the founding member of the Lolita Fashion group for NS, who has been wearing the fashion for 10 years. we will talk about different styles, brands, what to avoid and how to make the fashion more budget friendly. Learn about the history of the fashion, where it got it's name, coordinating the perfect outfit, and picking the style that suits you best.

Introduction to RPG Maker

Hosted By: Joseph Bicknell


A Hour-Hour and a Half long Workshop/Class on the basics of the RPG Maker Software program, which allows users to create their
own RPG Games with ease (Think old school Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest).

Lights, Sensors, Circuits -- Adding Easy Wearable Tech with Brilliant Labs

Hosted By: Kim Desveaux

Q&A, Workshop

Want to take your costuming to the next level? Add lights, sensors, motors, buttons and more! Drop by our Brilliant Labs wearable panel to demo the latest in wearable technology. See the Arduino and Adafruit microcontrollers....and see how you too can add code and light to your next project.

Lolita Fashion: All The Poofy Dresses You Refused To Wear As A Kid

Hosted By: Charlotte Ramey


Perfect $1000 coords from the pages of Japanese magazines make Lolita fashion seem elitist and unattainable and some online communities are so catty they make "Mean Girls" look like "Hello Kitty". This panel seeks to make this unique subculture can be fun and accessible by highlighting the great local community right here in Sydney as well as giving tips for getting started.

Nerds and Normies 101: How To Explain Your Nerdy Hobbies to Non-Nerds

Hosted By: Avery Varnes


This panel will provide a variety of tips and tricks to help nerds new and old easily explain their hobbies and interests to non-nerds.

Photo Ready Make Up

Hosted By: Madonna Davis


Welcome to one of the most picture crazy places to be... a convention! Be it your group photo shoots, photos in the hallways, or someone taking a quickie of you eating a sloppy sandwich as you walk by them; you want to make that photo look its best! You worked hard on your costume so why not pull it all together with some photo ready make up. Get ready for the camera vs. cosplayer showdown with the help of Madonna Davis, a licensed professional who can't wait to help you in the art of make up for the camera.

Real vs video game!

Hosted By: Major Jason Doyle


Come see what it is really like to be a solider from a video game. We will showcase various classes often depicted in video games along side their real life counterpart. Ever wonder how heavy their equipment is... Find out and see for yourself. You will get to see just what it takes to feel like a soldier in battle.

Rejection Tales

Hosted By: Third Person Press (Nancy S.M. Waldman)

Discussion aimed at writers and aspiring writers in all genres

Rejections are part of the writing process. Do you cry about them--or laugh? Come hear our rejection tales and advice for dealing with them!

roleplaying 101 by (dm's on wheels)

Hosted By: Philip Brown, James Morrison (DMs on Wheels)

discussion. q&A

Come see what years of RPG exp gets you. For both players new to the gaming style and people interested in becoming dungeon masters / storytellers.

Sci-Fi/Comedy Short Film Screening

Hosted By: Katrina Nicholson

Film screening

Check out two sci-fi/comedy short films! iBrain and Double Crossed are locally created but professionally made and have screened at film festivals in Canada and the US.

Tales From Tempest Grove

Hosted By: Jeff Bushnik


Interested in joining Underworld? Interested in LARP? Just like hearing stories? Come hear some of our people tell their favourite stories and answer your questions. We have over a dozen events across the entire year, so there are a lot of stories to tell!

The Idea Room

Hosted By: Sherry D. Ramsey


Step into the idea room for a fast-paced workshop focused on generating and exploring story ideas. Bring your paper and pen to this workshop and leave with a new story idea!

Time Management

Hosted By: Ashley Baker


Always find yourself rushing at the last minute to try to get your costume done? Always sewing in the hotel and pulling all nighters to get the costume done for the con? This panel will cover tips and tricks to stop the con panic and make the most of your time to get things done efficiently, so you won't have to spend so much time crying over your sewing machine the week before the con.

Top Self-Editing Tips for Writers

Hosted By: Sherry D. Ramsey


Get top tips from an editor on how to actually identify weak areas in your writing and improve your work before submitting it. Get the jump on your competition!

Underworld LARP Weapons Demos

Hosted By: Underworld LARP - Guildhouse Tempest Grove


Do you like the idea of hitting people with foam or latex weapons? Really? Us too! Come to our demonstration and we'll have some weapons for you to use to make an impression on other people. We'll probably have a bunch of people roaming around in cool costumes, too. Ignite the magical fire within!

Using prosthetics - Finding Angelus

Hosted By: Sarah Blanchard

Makeup demonstration

Fans of the Buffyverse! Ever want to go 'all bumpy' and get your vamp face on? Come learn how to apply latex prosthetics and leave your apprehensions behind about transforming from Angel to Angelus.

Vaughn Yells at Things for an Hour

Hosted By: Matt


Come see Vaughn MacDonald yell at/about things for an hour. Or don't. I'm not your mother.

Webcomp: Evolution of the Webcomic

Hosted By: Dawn Davis


A comic, in its most simplified form, is a series of images used to convey a message. Now, comics have invaded the web, and some have careened off the deep end into tossed multimedia salads. They may not technically be "comics" anymore, but they are guaranteed to blow your mind.

Dawn Davis (Those Without Shadows) is here to introduce you to what she calls "webcomps", web compositions that use all the web has to offer. Story is the game, and what the authors use to tell it could be anything. From Ruby Quest to Homestuck and on to 17776, let's discuss webcomics 2.0, where they came from, and why they're so special.

Why You Should Write Short Stories

Hosted By: Sherry D. Ramsey


Need a break from writing your epic novel? Why not try a short story? Come find out why short stories are more popular than ever, and why you should be writing them.

Women of LARP

Hosted By: Tera Cormier


LARP often seems to be mostly populated with men.Sometimes women can feel that they won't be able to fit in or enjoy it.
But let me tell you, it's quite the opposite.
We the women of Underworld LARP Tempest Grove want to share our stores and help excite other women that may be on the fence about joining a LARP group. Trust us, it's well worth it.

Writing Aliens and Fantasy Creatures

Hosted By: Sherry D. Ramsey


Learn how to populate the world of your science fiction or fantasy story with intriguing and unique creatures!