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Jason Anarchy

Jason Anarchy is the designer of the irreverent Drinking Quest series which is both an RPG and a Drinking Game but also a spoof of the world of gaming.He also wrangled up 32 webcomic artists for Pretending to Grownup, a casual card game that celebrates that state of being a grownup but not feeling like one. Jason put out a quirky adventure card game called “Haiku Warrior” which was told entirely through haiku. Later he teamed up with designer Jonathan Rawlings to bring the world “Le Neckbeard” a game that examines the cringily relatable phenomenon of “neckbeards”. His newest release is Newfoundland Jam, a colourful jam making game with east coast cuss words!

In the Summer, keep an eye out for HECK: A Tiny Card Game, a teamup with Tiny Snek Comics which sees the players bidding snake eggs behind tiny GM screens to win critter friends.

Jason travels the world, visiting different conventions and also talks about how great his biceps are on Twitter.”