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For the love of John Peters – you know, the farmer?

You’re talented, embrace it! We will be looking for the theme, creativity, and uniqueness. Draw, sculpt, paint, make a mug, noodle art, Photoshop, photograph, write a song, do a skit, dance, or do something totally out there. I don’t care! Wow, how neat is that? Just keep it somewhat PG there, Deadpool. We’re an all ages con.


Show us your Con pride

CaperCon supports art in all its forms and we want to see you come up with something that reflects YOU as an artist. We will have some of the top submissions on display for everyone at the Con to see!

Every year there are an abundance of conventions taking place throughout the world, creating safe spaces for massive celebrations of geek culture. A culture as diverse as the people who believe in it. It hasn’t been long since the freedom to let your geek flag fly was almost impossible, dangerous in some cases. Cons give us a place to wave that flag as fiercely as we want because the world needs creative people, different people, kind people, accepting people, we need you. We’re here and not hiding who we are anymore.

We know that who you are and what you love is important. We support you.

“We are, all of us on that floor, injecting ourselves into a narrative that meant something to us and we’re making it our own. We’re connecting with something important.”
– Adam Savage on cosplaying as “No Face”


  • We will have 3 age ranging categories: Ages 10 and under, 11 – 16, And 17+.
  • We will be judging one winner in each category and choose a runner-up from the combined categories. We will also have a “Con’s Choice” category where Con-goers can vote for their favorite piece of art in the combined categories, these pieces will be featured on our Facebook page as well as displayed at the con.
  • Prizes: Coming Soon!


  • Entries MUST be received by September 8, 2018
  • You can send your submission and info (Name, Age, and Email/Phone Number) to Genaya at volunteers@capercon.ca
  • Be sure to include a small note on why you decided to create what you did.

Let your geek flag fly and start making art!