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For the love of John Peters – you know, the farmer?

You’re talented, embrace it! We will be looking for the theme, creativity, and uniqueness. Draw, sculpt, paint, make a mug, noodle art, Photoshop, photograph, write a song, do a skit, dance, or do something totally out there. I don’t care! Wow, how neat is that? Just keep it somewhat PG there, Deadpool. We’re an all ages con.


2019 Theme Coming Soon


    • We will have 3 age ranging categories: Ages 10 and under, 11 – 16, And 17+.
  • We will be judging one winner in each category and choose a runner-up from the combined categories. We will also have a “Con’s Choice” category where Con-goers can vote for their favorite piece of art in the combined categories, these pieces will be featured on our Facebook page as well as displayed at the con.
  • Prizes: Coming Soon!


    • Entries MUST be received by: Day/Time TBD
    • You can send your submission and info (Name, Age, and Email/Phone Number) to Genaya at volunteers@capercon.ca
  • Be sure to include a small note on why you decided to create what you did.