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Draw, sculpt, paint, Photoshop, photograph, or even use a different form of art to show Kiki enjoying the Halloween season! We will be looking for the theme, creativity, and uniqueness.
CaperCon supports art in all its forms and we want to see you come up with something that reflects YOU as an artist! We will have some of the top submissions on display for everyone at the Con to see!

We will have 3 age ranging categories: Ages 10 and under, 11 – 16, And 17+.
Remember, this is an all age’s contest so nothing too scary!
We will be judging one winner in each category and also have a “Con’s Choice” category where Con-goers can vote for their favorite piece of art in the combined categories. We will also choose a runner-up from the combined categories.

**Top prizes will include a set of Copic Markers as well as other fun art goodies suitable for all ages!

Entries MUST be received by October 18th, 2017.
You can send your submission and info (Name, Age, and Email/Phone Number) to Genaya at volunteers@capercon.ca

So grab your art supplies and start making art!



We want YOU to submit your best short fan fiction story for a competition at CaperCon! A panel of local writing experts will select the best overall story and the best off-the-wall fiction. So round up your OTPs, fix-its, AUs, and OCs, and send them along to: caperconfics@gmail.com

-Fics (or excerpts) up to 7,500 words.
-Provide your full name and contact information, identify your story’s fandom, genre, age rating, and any relevant warnings at the top of the page.
-If your story has already been posted online, we will need some sort of proof that your story is your own and not stolen.
-You must be an attendee of CaperCon 2017.
-Make sure your text is an easily readable font/size.
-Identify the competition category: Best Overall or Off-The-Wall.
Best Overall entries should be single fandom (though not necessarily canon), and any OCs should be in keeping with canon. Off-The-Wall entries can include crack fics, AUs, crossovers, etc
-You may submit a maximum of one story for each category.
-Assume the judges have not seen the series your fic is based on. If there is anything they need to know to understand your story, please include a separate summary labeled ‘background information’.
-18+ material is allowed, but only if you are over the age of 18.
Due date: October 16th, 2017

Winners will be announced on Sunday at the closing ceremonies of CaperCon 2017.