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Wuckajuice Cosplay and Art |

CaperCon is pumped to announce that Wuckajuice Cosplay and Art will be joining this year!

A Halifax local, Wuckajuice is a familiar face in the local cosplay scene, typically known for having over-the-top headgear (pun intended). After her childhood aspirations of blacksmithing fell through (curse you modern job market) she settled for foamsmithing and can usually be found in her hermit abode covered in insulation and craft foam dust when not working her ‘real’ job. She’s always down to discuss building techniques and trade cat photos so come say hi!

Be sure to head on over to her table, check out her “wears” (heh) and check out her Horn Making panel during the convention!

Check out her official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LucaKellyCosplay/