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ASHES: Rise Of The Phoenixborn

Cast spells to destroy your opponent’s creatures. No Land cards here, just roll dice for mana resources every turn. The best part, you get to choose your starting hand, to set your strategy. Beautiful artwork and easy gameplay makes this a great alternative to Magic.

Cash Money Smash Tourney

We missed last year but we’re back again! The Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament makes its Capercon return with a 100 dollar pot bonus! This tournament has a $5 entry fee. Host Logan Truckair will be using a Gamecube and requests you bring your own controller if you have one to make sure we have enough to go around.

Casual MTG Commander

Magic the Gathering Commander is a casual multiplayer format. Come bring your best or jankiest Commander deck and flop some card board. We will be playing Casual Magic the Gathering Commander in pods of 3-5. Local NPC will have promo cards on hand for free for each participant.

D&D: DMs On Wheels

Philip Brown and James Morrison bring you beginner D&D campaigns that you can sit down and sink your teeth into without any prior playing experience. Come to their tables throughout the weekend to try your hand at the granddaddy of all RPGs.

Dragon Ball Super TCG

Everyone’s favourite Anime Series has its own trading card game. Come learn how to play with some of your favourite characters that span from Original Dragon Ball, to Dragon Ball Super!


If all the most powerful cards in Magic came in 1 box, that box is called EPIC CARD GAME. No Lands, No rarities, just awesome creatures and instants you can play from turn 1. Play as sealed, draft, constructed or just random. Every game is EPIC!


Come learn to play Heroclix and team up with other players to take on the Super Colossal GALACTUS! Don’t have any Heroclix? That’s fine; Local NPC will have some on hand for you to try out!

Industrial Cape Breton Airsoft

Airsoft is a sport that takes first person shooters to the next level. ICBA is a local organization focussed on promoting the sport of airsoft by hosting games around the CBRM. Airsoft is a sport in which people shoot each other with plastic pellets from realistic-looking BB guns. There is everything from 3v3 indoor games to large multi-day 200+ people events. The rules vary from game-to-game, scenarios can range from simple team death matches to elaborate situations.

Lending Library

There will also be various table top or card games to try if you just want to chill and play some CATAN or Ticket to Ride.

Milennium Blades

If the entire CCG universe was put in a box, that box is called MILLENNIUM BLADES. You win by hunting and trading cards to build a competitive tournament deck, or to to build an awesome card collection, or simply sell those rare cards for money.


Players are on a quest to defeat monsters, find loot and vanquish the evil Mummy. Choose from a variety of classes, equip your characters with weapons, armor, items, allies and spells in this co-operative adventure game. No DM required.

Pokemon League

The CaperCon Pokémon League is your chance to become a Pokémon Master! Face off against the eight Gym Leaders and earn badges on your path to greatness! Battle eight gyms, each focusing on different Pokémon types.

Pokémon TCG

Gotta Catch Em All! Come learn to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game, or come play some casual fun games. All who participate will get a promo from Local NPC.


You defeated the Boss, got the loot and now you’re back at the tavern to tell the tale. But why should you share the loot? Get your friends drunk, cheat at gambling, or pummel them unconscious, whatever it takes to be the last human, goblin, wizard, dwarf, or orc standing. Funny, your friends have the exact same idea!

Risk Tournament

The classic game of world conquest is back and Kitchen Table Board Game Cafe is bringing it to CaperCon! Bring your friends and leave as enemies.

Role-Play Row

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take on a quest to save a stunning noble or take down the master of some fiendish cult with your magic? Well, now is your chance! Role-Play Row will be hosting a collection of great RPG campaigns for you to try. There’s lots to check out, whether your interests align with something terrifying and horror laden, fantastical and roguish, or comical and witty. COME PLAY at Role-Play Row.

Scenes From A Wizard’s Hat

The DM looks at the players across the table. He reaches into a hat while speaking. “You go around the corner and see…” He pauses, reading a strip of paper he has pulled out of the hat. “An orc wearing a tutu. What do you do?”. A fun twist on D&D incorporating an age-old improv game, Scenes From A Wizard’s Hat will throw some curated audience suggestions out to surprise players and DM alike in a game where no one knows what will happen next.


Put any two crazy fantasy themed decks together and rumble with your friends. Godzilla & Cats vs. Jedis & Teddy Bears? Sure!

Warhammer 40K and Age Of Sigmar

Local NPC will be teaching new players how to play the miniature tabletop game, Warhammer 40k. Come learn that no war is too small for your attention!


The zombie hordes are coming to CaperCon! Zombicide is a co-operative miniatures game, players play as a team, find food, rescue survivors and get the heck out! Walk loudly and carry an even bigger gun.