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2019 Gaming Events!

Role-Play Row

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take on a quest to save a stunning noble or take down the master of some fiendish cult with your magic? Well, now is your chance! Role-Play Row will be hosting a collection of great RPG campaigns for you to try. There’s lots to check out, whether your interests align with something terrifying and horror laden, fantastical and roguish, or comical and witty. COME PLAY at Role-Play Row.

Gaming Gateway and Lending Library

Need a break from the bustle of the con? Then COME PLAY at one of our many Gaming Gateways or Lending Library! Gaming Gateway will host a variety of console gaming where you can simply sit down and enjoy whatever is available.

There will also be various table top or card games to try if you just want to chill and play some CATAN. Demos and meet ups will be scheduled throughout the weekend.

Games for 2019 (Alphabetical)

40K Kill Team and AoS Warcry

(Ed Mah)

Teach people how to play 40k Kill Team and AoS Warcry.

Blades in the Dark: 

(Liam Black)

You’re a cut-throat gang trying to make your mark in a city of death and excess. Lie, cheat, steal and slay your way up in the underworld while keeping sane with some chemical assistance.

Dragon Ball Super TCG

(Ed Mah)

Learn how to play Dragon Ball Super TCG! We will even supply you with your own deck to try out that you can keep!

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition: 

(Liam Black and Chris Barron)

This most popular of role-playing games thrusts you into a medieval fantasy world where you take on the identify of a Rogue, Fighter, Wizard, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer (&etc.) as you traverse wilds and delve dungeons.

Games On Board

Games On Board is excited to return to CaperCon!!! We’re bringing all new game demos for you to try. Also check out our Gaming Library for the hottest games to play today! 


(Ed Mah)

Want to learn how to play Heroclix? Come on down! No minis or dice required! We will even give you a team to play with while supplies last!

Mouse Guard: 

(Liam Black)

You are a member of the Mouse Guard, an organization dedicated to protecting the Mouse Territories from predators and protecting mice from the elements, unexpected events and occasionally each other.

My Little Pony Tails of Equestria RPG: 

(Liam Black)

This RPG is set in Equestria, the world of My Little Pony. It’s simplified rules and familiar theme make it an ideal introductory role-playing experience, though the game has enough depth to appeal to veterans who are fans of the setting.

Pokemon League 

The CaperCon Pokémon League is your chance to become a Pokémon Master! Face off against the eight Gym Leaders and earn badges on your path to greatness! Battle eight gyms, each focusing on different Pokémon types. After defeating each Gym Leader and claiming their badges, comes a battle with the Champion, and your shot at the title, as well as a winner’s prize pack! Trainers of all ages and skill levels are welcome to compete, and encouraged to come share their love of the Pokémon series!

Star Trek Adventures

(Liam Black)

Boldly go where few have gone before, as a crewmember on a star ship carrying out a 5-year mission to seek out new worlds and to find new life and new civilizations — while encountering all manner of threats and obstacles.


Offering VR game experiences to patrons.

Transformers Trading Card Game 

(Darrell J. Howard)

Come learn to play the Transformers Trading Card Game (by Wizards on the Coast) at CaperCon!  We’ll cover everything from basic gameplay to deck construction, and there will even be supplied demo decks (limited quantity).  The game is only 3 sets in so now is the perfect time to get in on the action! There will be 2 demo events available, (both 3 hours long so you don’t need to rush) on Friday and Sunday! Times on the schedule.