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The Costume Contest is a time for you to showcase and compete with your best cosplay work! The event welcomes all ages, skill-levels, and ambitions! Registration will be held at the Data Desk at the designation times on Friday and Saturday morning. Prejudging will take place early Saturday afternoon.

The possible categories you can enter are: Junior (12 & under), Novice, Journeyman, Artisan, and Master. The presentation category is also an option for those who have not made their costume, but wish to perform on stage and not compete in the competition itself.


Sign-up 1 (Data Desk): Friday – 5pm-6pm
Sign-up 2 (Data Desk): Saturday 10am-11:30am
Pre-Judging (Ballroom): Saturday 12pm-2pm
Green Room Entrance (left of stage, opposite to registration in floor plan): Saturday 4pm
Costume Contest (Main Stage): Saturday 5pm-7pm

***Winners will receive a certificate and prize. Winners will be announced during Closing Ceremonies that will take place Sunday afternoon. For more information, please visit the Data Desk during convention weekend.