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Danica Brine

Danica Brine is an comic artist/illustrator from New Brunswick. She began drawing at a young age which then turned into a career today. Danica has worked on short story comics for independent magazines in Canada and France and the US. Most recently Mike Weiringo’s Tellos anthology and a story in All We Ever Wanted anthology with a New York Times mention. In addition, Danica also illustrated a few covers for Image comics (Wayward, Elephant, Exosisters) and Titan comics with Doctor Who. Currently, Danica is busy developing an original graphic novel at Oni press.


Sketch Dual

Artists compete with guest artists Nick Bradshaw and Danica Brine to find out who speed draws it best, as judged by the audience.

The Comic Page Process

A comic page from start to finish: Storyboard, pencil, ink, colour and print as explained step by step by Danica Brine and Nick Bradshaw.