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Check out the goodies we have for our CaperCon Raffle! 

These two handmade items from local artisans were donated to CaperCon to show their works, as well as help raise money for non-profit organizations. Tickets will be sold at the Data Desk for a chance to win (Two winners/ one for each item), and all proceeds will be donated to the Feral and Abandoned Cat Society.



Black Water Armoury Shoulder Plate

This beautiful work was inspired by CaperCon’s mascot Kiki and her beautiful blue and purple coloring. CaperCon will be selling tickets to win this amazing piece at the convention this year. Custom ordered shoulder piece made by Blackwater Armoury. The shoulder piece is made with hand tooled and dyed 9 oz leather with White rabbit fur  The scales maille and chainmaille are anodized aluminum. (Approx Value $280)

For more of their incredible work – check their ETSY page here www.etsy.com/ca/shop/BlackWaterArmory


Michique Custom Kiki Handbag

In partnership with CaperCon, local business Michique have created one of the cutest handbags ever: with our mascot Kiki! Beautifully drawn by Ohmyfrigg Art, Michique incorporated her art into a handbag like no other. (Approx Value $300)