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Passes will available soon! Keep checking back for updates.

Passes are purchased directly from Center 200 at tickets.capebreton.ca. This will give you a standard Center 200 ticket which will be exchanged for a wristband at the event.

We can’t wait to share in the CaperCon 2018 experience. It’s going to be the biggest and best experience in Cape Breton fandom we’ve ever seen.


At Door: $25


At Door: $30


At Door: $25

Full Weekend

At Door: $50

Family Weekend Bundle
Passes: 2 Adult, 3 Youth
Child Pass
Ages 6-12. Under 6 Free.

This is going to be spectacular!

We are going to be offering CaperCon at the biggest and best venue in Cape Breton island: Center 200. This is a celebration of Cape Breton fandom and an invitation to get everyone who isn’t part of our community out to check things out.

Stay tuned as we announce guests, events, panels and exhibitors!