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Tickets are purchased directly from Center 200 at tickets.capebreton.ca. This will give you a standard Center 200 ticket which will be exchanged for a wristband at the event. You can speed this process up by pre-registering below!

Pass prices will be 10$ higher per pass starting on the 19th. Buy your passes in advance!

We can’t wait to share in the CaperCon 2017 experience. It’s going to be the biggest and best experience in Cape Breton fandom we’ve ever seen.

  • $25 starting October 19th
  • $30 starting October 19th
  • $25 starting October 19th
Full Weekend
  • $45 starting October 19th
Family Weekend Bundle
Passes: 2 adult, 3 children
Childrens Weekend Pass
For children aged 6-12

This is going to be spectacular!

We’ve kept prices the same as last year, even though we’re going to be offering CaperCon at the biggest and best venue in Cape Breton island. This is a celebration of Cape Breton fandom and an invitation to get everyone who isn’t part of our community out to check things out.

Stay tuned as we announce guests, events, panels and vendors!

You've bought your ticket: What's next?

Your tickets will be exchanged for wristbands at the event. Pre-registering will make this process faster and more efficient and help get you into CaperCon 2017 more quickly. Pre-register for a chance to win an amazing prize package!