From left: Avery Varnes, Eoin Morrison & Alexandra Morrison. Photo credit Cape Breton Post

We were recently featured in a Cape Breton Post article. It covered a lot of things from our move from CBU to Center 200 to why our event is in late October this year.

It’s our first big piece of press since we transformed from a scrappy pack of keen volunteers leading an organizing commitee to a… scrappy pack of keen volunteers leading a non-profit foundation (It’s been more exciting than it sounds!). We’re so happy to see word of CaperCon getting out there and we can’t wait to get more press. We’re certain you’ll see us again in the Cape Breton Post and other news organizations and we can’t wait to share more news with you.

We also wanted to take a few minutes to elaborate on some sections of this article.

We wouldn’t be where we are if not for CBU.

They helped a bunch of young people make something many people in the geek community only ever thought of as a dream become a reality. CaperCon was never a huge event when compared to other cons in the region but it stood for something massive. CaperCon will, and in some cases already has, become the banner under which huge swathes of Cape Bretoners can proudly stand. Cosplayers, gamers, geeks, nerds and everyone in between: our goal is to represent you. CBU helped us make that happen and created an environment where we have the skills and ability to grow into an event large enough to be at Center 200. We’re certain there will be future partnership opportunities with CBU and we look forward to exploring them.

Halloween is a great time for cosplay!

Our late-October event date was unexpected, but beneficial. For one thing Halloween is right around the corner! Hopefully that means that plenty of folks who wouldn’t otherwise dress up for a con will have the means and ability to come cosplay with us. Saturday the 21st of October is also the day the biggest cruise ship Sydney has ever seen will come to town. There will be over 3000 passengers and almost 1000 crew in town during the day. You’d better believe we’ll be down at the docs to welcome them, and will be working on coordinating day pass sales with The Port of Sydney.


Finally, the extra time gives us more of a runway to launch things. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 16th at 11am. We’re hoping to announce as many guests and attractions as possible before then, but our transition away from CBU and negotiations with Center 200 have slowed progress in a completely understandable way.

Ticket prices will be the same as last year. We can guarantee that this years CaperCon will be the biggest ever, and we’re running full steam ahead to make that happen.

We want to sincerely thank you all for your ongoing patience throughout the past few months, and coming weeks. It’s going to pay off in spades. And remember, we’re still looking for volunteers!