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Underworld Cape Breton: Tempest Grove

Welcome to Underworld Cape Breton: Tempest Grove, the only immersive 18+ Live-Action Roleplay on the Island. We are a horror-fantasy LARP where you and your friends protect the small hamlet of Tempest Grove from the monsters and machinations that try to wrack it to ruin.

Enjoy playing D&D? Dark Souls? Instead of holding a controller, your hands will be holding sword and shield, bow and arrow and your attack won’t depend on the roll of a die but upon your own skill. Not interested in fighting? In between you’ll have time to mingle with the other residents of the Grove, developing your character and developing relationships both in game and out.

Still not sure this is for you? Chances are you know someone who’s involved. We have players from all walks of life, many of whom had never met before and are the best of friends now.

Underworld has held different events at CaperCon each year. The most popular is their ‘LARP DEMO’. Players from Tempest Grove come in full costume, and show off their made weapons, and demonstrate a in-play battle. Come, watch, and ask questions!

If you able to come down to events in the local area, please check out their official website.
If you do not live near Cape Breton, there are Underworld LARP sections all over Canada as well.