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Prints, stickers, stained glass of anime and online games

Ally Parsons | |

Mostly prints and original artwork! Potentially stickers and buttons as well.

An Oddity or Two | | |

Mixed media - sculpture, salt and pepper shakers, plant pots, egg cups, prints, magnets, plush, felt art, assemblages.

Black Water Armoury |

Chain mail accessories, dragon scale accessories and armor as well as headpiece and wire elf ears

Crow's Omen |

I plan to be selling high-quality prints of my (mostly) traditional and digital art. Including pieces done in ink, watercolor, gouache and pencils. I offer them in a variety of sizes. (I'd like to also be selling stickers but I'm unsure as to whether they'll be ready in time).

EnbyArt |

acrylic charms
perler bead art

Eoghan's Medieval Leatherworks |

Hand-made and sewn Leather goods for cosplay, LARP and medieval re-enactment.

Faraway Castle |

Handsewn doll sets various Fandoms (star wars harry potter etc) hand painted wooden boxes various fandoms and some comic book jewlery

Fursonality Good and Life Line Survival Bracelets

Faux fur animal hoods. Paracord tactical survival bracelets.

Gayle Bird Designs |

Steampunk jewelry (visible at http://gaylebird.com/?s=steampunk), tentacle jewelry/playthings (http://gaylebird.com/2015/02/22/how-to-make-polymer-clay-tentacles/), eccentric & colourful wire jewelry, gemstone healing jewelry (http://gaylebird.com/2015/04/17/gemstone-focus-pendants-2/).

Also in development are other products specifically for this event, such as D&D / Pathfinder jewelry and goodies, tarot-themed jewelry, wiccan jewelry (wands maybe!), etc. No licenses or copyrights will be violated, but as a Pathfinder geek myself with a stack of Wiccan friends, we're conspiring to come up with something fabulous :) I can keep you updated if you like! You can probably learn more about me and my interests and style at Instagram than any other way: https://www.instagram.com/gaylebirddesigns/

I'm excited to have the opportunity to apply this year - other years I wasn't able to find the time. Hope to see you there!

geecomics | |

prints, buttons, pins, handmade sketchbooks, zines, patches, commissions, painted wooden shingles (examples on my website) and stickers

Inspired ink Studio |

Metal Prints, nylon bags, keychains, dog tags, buttons, stickers, paper prints, character pillows, pillowcases, original art pieces

Jeff Wilson: Artist-at-Large | |

Hello! This year, my products include:
- copies of my comic book series, 'In Aeternum'
- original art of various sizes, mediums, and themes
- hand-made sketchbooks
- artist trading cards
I will also be creating commissions all week-end!

Jessica Faye |

Prints, stickers, buttons, and on the spot commissions.

I have someone who I am planning to share a full table with, I just want to make sure they are able to get a pass.

Kastraz |

Lots of prints (11x17 and 8.5x11)
Various buttons/pins (1.5")
On-the-spot commissions

Kelly Barrie

Prints, commissions, books

Leesh Mae | |

I will have original art, and artwork based on cartoons & videos games. These will both be available as stickers and prints. I will also be offering on the spot art commissions.

Nancy Chiasson Designs |

Offering Paint Night with Nancy Chiasson events in Sydney area; interested in doing a demo or offering a Comic related painting party at the venue. Offering art and pottery classes. Most up to date info on Facebook - Nancy Chiasson Designs and Paint Night with Nancy Chiasson. Interested in handing out flyers to participants.

Ornamental Love |

I make geeky related products such as Book ornaments, magnet sets, bookmarks and more. I also sell and create jewelry that has a unique flair! A lot of my focus is on Harry Potter inspired items, but not everything. I also have Disney and Comic related items as well as items non-branded I've created or painted myself. I think I'd be an amazing fit to Capercon's village.

Our Morning Starlight |

I will be selling prints, bows, and flower crowns. As well as possibly necklaces and charms.

Paul Campbell | |

art, graphite, inks, acrylics, high quality prints, framed art

Pixie Dust Creations

Custom glassware that is altered by etching, vinyl, paint, and or glitter. Varieties of glass are wine, beer, mugs, drinking, etc. Also have frames and baking dishes available

Plushmayhem |

Hand crafted plushies of fandom and original designs

Rebel & Grim

Prints, Art commissions, dice bags, etc

Sockie |

Prints, pins, buttons, and stickers

Spray Paint Art by Nathan Salmon |

Live spray paint art creates in 3 minutes or less.

Vixie Bee |

Prints, pins, stickers, comics, zines, original art.

Witty Needles |

Knitted products: dolls, plushies, hats, and ornaments.

Zin Zan Does Things on You Tube |

My main purpose for getting a table is to promote my YouTube site that I will be starting on September 10th. It's a weekly animated dungeons and dragons comedy.

I will be selling my fathers treasure hunting book. Seaweed and Gold. 20$. Hopefully, that will cover expenses.

This is still early, but I intend to bring a life size costume of the main character to sit in the booth with me, and have banners and free stickers, etc...

How much are Half and Full tables?